Fifth Grade Foreign Language Spanish Worksheets


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  • "Ser" vs "Estar"

    The battle between "ser" and "estar" will wage throughout your Spanish learning experience! Practice identifying when to use "ser" (to be) or "estar" (to be).

  • Spanish Verbs

    Take action with this list of Spanish verbs! Soon your beginning Spanish speaker will have these memorized.

  • Spanish Verb Conjugation

    Conjugating verbs is probably the toughest part of learning a new language. Get down the basics of Spanish verb conjugation with this introductory worksheet.

  • Sentences in Spanish

    Play the role of translator with this Spanish practice worksheet! Beginning Spanish speakers will review basic animal vocabulary in each Spanish sentence.

  • Body Parts in Spanish

    Sort out the parts of the body in Spanish with this fill-in-the-blanks worksheet.

  • Nouns in Spanish

    Did you know that in the Spanish language, nouns have a gender? Learn when to use the articles "el" or "la" with nouns in Spanish.

  • Spanish Verb Tener

    In Spanish the word tener , "to have", is used in a few strange ways, including how to say your age or express emotions like hunger or fear.

  • Eating in Spanish

    Learn how to order food in Spanish with Sam and Paula!

  • Vosotros Form

    For new Spanish speakers, the verb tense "vosotros" can be a bit confusing. Learn a bit about this unique conjugation that is used solely in Spain.