Fifth Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Cool Cupcake Word Problems

    Kids answer sweet two-step word problems in this worksheet.

  • Darting Decimals #4

    As your child plays scorekeeper for an exciting darts game, he'll need to put his decimal knowledge to work--because all the scores are in decimals!

  • Six-Digit Addition, with Decimals!

    Kids practice six-digit addition with decimals in this 5th grade money addition worksheet.

  • Adding Decimals

    If your child is getting stumped by decimals, challenge him with a supplemental worksheet, all about adding decimals.

  • Adding with Decimals

    The key to adding with decimals is lining up the decimal points. Help your fifth grader practice decimal addition with carrying.

  • Add and Subtract Decimals on a Number Line

    Students use number lines to understand how tenths and hundredths are related as they add and subtract decimals.

  • Presidential Problems at The Pizza Place

    Your students will practice adding and subtracting decimal numbers to help total the cost of customers' meals at Anita Pepperoni's Pizzeria.

  • What's Up, Decimals?

    Students will practice adding and subtracting decimals, before applying the same skills to solve two-step word problems.

  • Yard Sale Math

    Students will add and subtract decimals to solve increasingly challenging word problems.

  • Darting Decimals #5

    Who will be the winner in Darting Decimals? Your child decides as he adds up the decimal scores and determines which team has scored the most points.

  • Darting Decimals #1

    In this decimal dart game, your kid plays scorekeeper as he adds up the decimals and determines the winner.

  • Decimal Challenge #1

    Students will solve two number puzzles that will have them adding and subtracting decimals.

  • Decimal Challenge #2

    Challenge your students to solve two number puzzles that will have them adding and subtracting decimals.

  • Darting Decimals #2

    Can your child use his decimal knowledge to add up each teams' score in this darts game and determine the winner?

  • Darting Decimals #3

    It's time for another game of darting decimals, and your child is the scorekeeper! Can he keep track of the points and determine the winner?

  • Decimal Duty #2

    Assess your students’ knowledge of decimal concepts up to the hundredths place, including addition, subtraction, comparing, and ordering.