Fifth Grade Math Data Worksheets


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  • Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Trail Tracker #8

    Show your fifth grader how to practice geometry and division Olympics-style with this fun math worksheet!

  • Olympic Arithmetic: Luge Time Averages

    Challenge your fifth grader to help the judges determine the big winner of the luge race by completing the table of time averages!

  • M&Ms Activity

    M&Ms come in six colors and lend themselves perfectly to a game of predictions and probability. Try to guess how many pieces of each color there are in a bag!

  • Determine Mean

    Which team played better? Let your fifth grader practice finding averages by determining the mean shooting scores of each team.

  • In the Middle: Practice Finding Median

    Which gymnast's height is in the middle? Can your fifth grader figure it out using his median-finding power?

  • What's the Range?

    Use this colorful worksheet to teach your fifth grader range. It'll get him familiar with basic statistics.

  • Create a Picture Graph (with your own data)

    Using data that your students will generate in their class, they will create a picture graph that reflects how much time they spend doing different activities each week.

  • Create a Double Bar Graph (with your own data)

    Students will collect data, create a double bar graph, and interpret the graph by responding to prompts that will get them thinking critically.

  • It's Freezing! Practice Finding Mode

    This colorful worksheet will get your fifth grader practicing with mode: the number in a set of data that occurs most often.