Fifth Grade Math Fractions Worksheets


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  • Metric Math: Graveyard Temperature

    Use your powers of conversion to calculate the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in this Halloween-themed worksheet.

  • Improper Fraction Skills Practice #1

    Is your child mystified by mixed fractions? Show him they're not so bad when in these quick practice sheets.

  • Area Models: Fraction Products 2

    Use this resource to teach your students to illustrate a fraction factor products with area models.

  • Shape Scale Matching

    Scale is the factor of measurement by which a shape is increased or decreased. Use this resource to teach your students about shapes to scale.

  • Predicting Shapes to Scale

    What is scale? How do you scale shapes? Use this resource to help your students practice predicting scaled items in a series.

  • Mixed Number Sums with Bar Diagrams

    Are we there yet? Teach your kids to calculate distance and time with this travel-themed, mixed numbers worksheet.

  • Mixed Number Differences with Bar Diagrams

    Add a bit of horticulture to your mixed number lessons with this flower-themed worksheet. Give your students practice subtracting mixed numbers with these illustrative organizers for subtraction word problems.

  • Improper Fraction Skills Practice #3

    Kids can get flustered by mixed fractions. This worksheet helps them calmly convert mixed fractions into improper fractions.