Fifth Grade Math Number Sense Worksheets


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  • Order of Operations: PEMDAS

    Please excuse my dear aunt sally! Help your child learn and memorize this mnemonic for PEMDAS, the order of operations.

  • Easy Algebra

    Let your fifth grader get easy algebra practice with a row of dancing skeletons and a ghost or two. This spooky worksheet makes finding x an adventure.

  • How to Order Decimals

    Sort out decimals on a number line in this quick drill worksheet about how to order decimals.

  • Pre-Algebra Equations

    With plump orange pumpkins and fiery fall leaves, pre-algebra equations had so much fall fun. Give your fifth grader a taste of algebra with this worksheet.

  • Rounding Around the World

    This rounding worksheet helps your students practice rounding three-digit numbers to the nearest hundreds, tens, and ones.

  • Expression vs. Equation

    Help your fifth grader discover the difference between an expression and an equation with this algebra worksheet.

  • Math Card Game: Lucky 13

    Fifth grade is an important time to master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This math card game challenges your child to do just that!

  • Calculating Sales Tax

    Get a thorough explanation of sales tax, and practice with some fun kids' products.

  • Pre-Algebra Fun

    Fit for only the bravest mathematicians, this worksheets features a spider or two and some tricky pre-algebra equations.

  • Algebra for Beginners

    Want to know the perfect recipe for some spooky math practice? Witches and algebra, of course!

  • Comparing Decimals

    Decimals got you down in the dumps? Get your student in gear for math with this decimal worksheet.

  • Number Puzzle: Four Fours

    Try to create every number from 1 to 50 with the number four by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division... even exponents and decimals!

  • Expanded Form

    Learn to write numbers in expanded form! This worksheet focuses on decimals and how to write them in expanded form using fractions.

  • Exponents Rules

    Help your fifth grader tackle exponents with this introductory worksheet.

  • Writing Algebraic Expressions

    Get your first taste of algebraic expressions with this introduction page. Your student will practice translating written phrases into algebraic equations.

  • Rounding Decimals

    Practice rounding decimals and comparing their value with a supplemental worksheet.

  • Percents to Decimals

    Spend the afternoon in a percent pumpkin patch! Work through these Halloween-themed math problems to change each percent into a decimal number.

  • Rounding Decimals with Number Lines

    With this worksheet, your students will develop number sense as they round decimals to the nearest whole using number lines.

  • Multiplying with Exponents

    Help your fifth grader tackle multiplying with exponents with this algebra worksheet.

  • Blank Number Lines

    Use these versatile number lines worksheet to help kids practice any skill, including rounding decimals to the nearest whole number.

  • Find the Value of the Expression

    Give your fifth grader some practice with variables on this simple algebra worksheet where she'll get to find the value of the expression.

  • Prime Number Turtles

    Learn all about prime numbers with some turtle friends.

  • Writing Decimals in Expanded Form

    This worksheet focuses on decimals and how to write them in expanded form using fractions.

  • Rounding with Vertical Number Lines

    Students will practice using vertical number lines to round three-digit numbers.