Fifth Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Geologic Time Periods

    Get to know your Jurassic from your Cretaceous in this handy geologic time periods chart.

  • What is a Nebula?

    Did you know there are clouds in space? They are very different than the ones on Earth! Read a bit about nebula in this space science worksheet.

  • Wildfires

    Learn all about wildfires, a natural phenomenon looked upon with awe and caution.

  • Halley's Comet

    The infamous Halley's Comet only comes around once every 75 years or so! Read some interesting info on the world's most famous comet.

  • Craters on Earth

    That's not a lake... it's a crater! Get the scoop on some of the world's most well known craters with this space science worksheet.

  • Weather Word Scramble

    Take on this challenging weather word scramble! Your child must use his logic and his knowledge of weather systems to figure out each word.

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit

    If your student is stuck on Celsius, hand him this multiplication and division practice sheet.

  • End of the Universe?

    How do you think our universe will end? With this worksheet, explore some of the common theories, and then come up with some of your own!

  • Earth Day Crossword

    Got a kid who's crazy for crosswords and the planet? Check out our Earth Day crossword puzzle, full of fun facts about the Earth and its many inhabitants.