Fifth Grade The Arts The Arts Drawing Painting Worksheets


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  • Starry Night by Van Gogh

    Color a real masterpiece with this art history coloring page! You and your child can color Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Monet

    Use this art worksheet to learn more about Monet and practice using one of his painting techniques!

  • Good Fortune: Chinese New Year Printable

    Welcome Chinese New Year with this fun craft activity. Help your 3rd grader color and cut out the Chinese character for good fortune for lunar new year.

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring Painting

    Give your child a taste of classic art with this famous painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring. As she colors, she'll learn a bit of art history.

  • Francisco Goya

    Learn more about the power of art in this worksheet on Spanish painter Francisco Goya.

  • Gloucester Harbor Coloring Page

    This coloring page depicts a famous landscape painting of Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts. Your child will get a mini lesson in art history as he colors!

  • Storyboard for Kids

    This storyboard for kids worksheet includes a blank storyboard template and a sample from a major blockbuster movie to inspire your budding filmmaker.

  • Enter the World of Coraline

    Get your child to flex his imagination with this creative drawing worksheet about the spooky tale of Coraline.

  • Picturing Terabithia

    This worksheet gets your kid's imagination going with a prompt for her to draw the magical land in the children's classic, Bridge to Terabithia.