First Grade Ela Capitalization Worksheets


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  • Sentence Breakdown: "The Cat Naps"

    Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with his writing skills? This printable will help him learn to break a sentence into parts.

  • Valentine's Day Name Tag

    Looking for some cute name tags for your daughter? Here are some Valentine's Day themed name tags with hearts and roses that your daughter will surely love.

  • 4th of July Name Label

    Have a kid who loves to define what's his? Help him declare independence (and practice writing his name) with this 4th of July label.

  • Editing Stew

    It’s time to make a editing stew! Students apply their knowledge of capitalization to write a plan for buying their ingredients on different days of the week.

  • Sentence Features (Capitalization)

    Something isn't right about these sentences—they're missing correct capitalization! Use this activity to assess your students’ abilities to capitalize sentences.

  • Patriotic Name Tags

    These 4th of July themed name tags with rockets, fireworks and drums are not just fun but also bring the American spirit to life.