First Grade Ela Reading Non Fiction Worksheets


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  • Map Reading

    Help your child practice reading a map and using the cardinal directions. See if she can interpret the different parts of a map.

  • Brainstorm Before Reading

    Set students up for success when reading nonfiction by having them brainstorm what they already know about a topic. Students will use this simple graphic organizer to record things they know and want to know before diving into their book to learn more.

  • Activate That Background Knowledge

    Engage students in reading before they even start! Students prepare for reading a nonfiction text by looking at the pictures in the book and answering a series of questions that get them thinking about what they already know about the topic.

  • Nonfiction KWL Chart

    Maximize what your students learn from reading nonfiction by having them fill out a KWL chart before and after reading.

  • Animals Building Homes

    Every living thing needs a home to survive! Many animals have unique and interesting ways of building their homes.

  • Independent Reading Log

    After independent reading, have students record and reflect. Young readers will demonstrate their ability to summarize and respond to their reading, and a log is a fun way for them to track their progress. Make copies of this log to use again and again!

  • Christmas in England

    Discover how our friends across the pond celebrate the holiday season!

  • Rebus Story

    A rebus story is like a picture story! It's up to your little storyteller to fill in the blanks with the cut-out pictures on page 1.

  • Christmas in Russia

    Did you know that you could celebrate Christmas in December and then fly to Russia to celebrate the same holiday in January?

  • Christmas in Mexico

    If you're good in Mexico, the Three Wise Men might come on Christmas Day and leave you candy and money!

  • Table of Contents

    Help your little bookworm get to know the layout of a table of contents! She'll deconstruct this sample table of contents by answering the questions.

  • Christmas in Italy

    If you like presents, Italy is where you want to celebrate the holidays!

  • Christmas in Germany

    Three full days of Christmas celebration? The holidays season is pretty amazing in Germany!

  • Book Preview

    Get ready to read! Set students up for success by showing them how to preview texts before reading. Young readers are challenged to predict what the book is about using the title and illustrations before diving into the story.

  • Christmas in New Zealand

    Can you imagine celebrating Christmas in the summer? That's what the people in New Zealand do!

  • Fact or Opinion? You Decide!

    Help kids master fact and fiction with this comprehensive worksheet.

  • Christmas in the Philippines

    Get inspired by the traditions of the Philippines this holiday season!

  • Christmas in France

    Pretend you're spending the holidays in France as you discover the Christmas customs and culinary delights of a country half a world away!

  • Christmas in Sweden

    Have you ever heard of Julbock, the Christmas goat, or Tomten, the gift-giving Christmas elf? Learn how to celebrate Christmas in Sweden!

  • Where Are the Text Features?

    This worksheet prompts students to identify and find different text features to build their reading comprehension skills.

  • The Sign Says: Fact or Opinion?

    Show kids how to sort fact from fiction with this worksheet.

  • Reading Partners Record!

    Engage students in reading by having them share about the nonfiction books they read. This activity will get students talking, listening, and writing! They'll take turns sharing about the book they've read before writing a summary of their partner's book.

  • Main Topic Cards

    This set of picture cards can help students to strengthen their reading comprehension skills by identifying the main topic and supporting details.

  • Add a New Text Feature

    Nonfiction books have a variety of text features. But they could sometimes use more! In this activity, students analyze the existing text features in a book and create a new feature to add.