First Grade Ela Word Meaning Worksheets


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  • Compound Words Quiz

    Does your little reader know how to identify a compound word? Give her a challenge with this fill-in-the-bubble style quiz.

  • My Reading Goals

    Help your first grader monitor their progress as readers with this reading goals worksheet. The act of reflecting and goal setting will set students up for reading success!

  • Compound Words: One Word from Two

    This worksheet will teach your child how to scrunch two words together to get one compound word.

  • Synonyms

    Looking for a worksheet that practices synonyms? This printable is great for beginning readers.

  • Unknown Word Family Trees

    Even fluent readers come across words they can’t decode, which is why you can never have too many tools in your reading toolbox! In this worksheet, students learn to use their knowledge of word families to figure out unknown words.

  • Fill in the Sensory Details

    Encourage students to add sensory details to their writing with this worksheet.

  • Word Meaning: Picture Clues

    Early readers can use picture clues to help figure out new or unknown words. In this reading fluency worksheet, students learn how examining pictures for context clues can help them decode text.

  • Web of Words

    As students read nonfiction books, have them think which important words teach about the main topic. At the end of this activity, students will have made a web of vocabulary words!

  • Use Your Senses

    Encourage students to add sensory details to their writing with this fun worksheet.

  • Reading Check-in

    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of learning how to read. This worksheet has students slow down and reflect on what they’ve learned, as well as what they’d like to work on next.

  • Read/Guess/Check

    Even fluent readers sometimes come across words they can’t decode. In this worksheet, students practice using pictures and context cues to figure out unknown words.

  • Vocabulary Backpack

    The words you learn from reading can go with you wherever you go! As students read nonfiction books, have them add the new words they learn — along with their definitions — to this vocabulary backpack!

  • What Does the Picture Tell You?

    Pictures are a great tool to use when reading. By completing this worksheet, students develop reading comprehension skills as they analyze what comes next in a story using context cues and picture clues.

  • Vocabulary is the Key!

    When reading nonfiction books, it’s important to understand the meaning of related vocabulary words. In this activity, students identify sentences that include key vocabulary. When they're done they'll hold the key to reading success!

  • These Words are Breaking Up

    Get ready to fine tune your reading skills with a new tool! Breaking unknown words up into smaller chunks can make them easier to read. This worksheet will help early readers figure out tricky words by splitting them up into manageable pieces.