First Grade Math Data Worksheets


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  • Practice Test: Bar Graphs and Pictograms

    Help your first grader review simple graphs with this nifty printable practice quiz.

  • Tally Time: At the Farmers Market

    The farmer needs help keeping track of his vegetables. Can your child use her counting skills to give him a hand?

  • Snow Fun

    Searching for a worksheet that will give your kid help with common math concepts? This counting worksheet is full of snow fun!

  • Weather Graph

    Observe and record the weather with your kindergartener with this cute fill-in weather graph.

  • Blank Bar Graph

    Get a grip on grids and graphs with this handy printable! Your math student can practice making a bar graph with this blank axis and grid.

  • Bar Graphs: Favorite Color

    Fill out a basic bar graph by polling students for their favorite color.

  • Doing Data: The Pet Store Tally

    Not only is this filled with cute animal images, but it gives your second grader just the practice they need to get comfortable tallying up sets of data.

  • Picture Graphs: What's Your Favorite Ice Cream?

    Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or chocolate chip? Sweeten up graph practice with this simple picture graph!

  • Shape Dimensions: Solid Figures

    Kids get acquainted with three-dimensional shapes like cubes, cones and prisms, and practice building a bar graph while they're at it.

  • Different Types of Graphs: Picture and Bar Graphs

    Sure to test your kid's graphing skills, this graph worksheet features two different types of graphs and questions to go along with them.

  • Garden Graphing

    Kids boost counting and graphing skills as they make a graph to illustrate the rabbit's garden vegetable pickings.

  • Tally Time: On the Farm

    Kids help Minnie figure out how many pigs, sheep, and other animals live on the farm by reading the tables and counting up the tally marks.

  • Weather Log

    Rain or shine, get ready for some weather watching! Record data to observe the weather patterns over the course of a week.

  • Understanding Graphs

    Test your first grader's understanding of graphs and the information they provide with this worksheet.

  • Beginning Bar Graphs: Favorite Cake

    This favorite cake bar graph makes reading bar graphs simple for kids to understand.

  • Beginning Bar Graphs: Favorite Sports

    Football, basketball, baseball, or hockey? Channel your child's love of sports into a beginner's bar graph lesson.

  • Tally Chart: At the Sushi Counter

    The chef made a lot of sushi today during lunch. Can your child help him figure out how much sushi he made by filling in the table with tally marks?

  • Garden Graphing: Count and Color!

    Carrots, turnips and potatoes, oh my! Count how many of each vegetable our furry farmer picked and then fill in the graph for each vegetable.

  • Make a Picture Graph

    Satisfy your math sweet tooth with these tasty story problems! Read each problem, and make a picture graph for each one.

  • Using Data

    This worksheet provides excellent practice adding, interpreting, and organizing information.

  • Water Vehicles

    Can you tell which of these vehicles travels by water? Get a review of transportation with your kindergartener.

  • Basic Pictographs

    Practice adding multiple digits with a fun pictograph page. Use the chart to draw out the number of items in each problem.

  • Bar Graph Worksheet

    Sam, Kate and Becky are having an ice cream sale. Help them keep track of their sales by filling in a bar graph, and then answer a few questions.

  • Land Vehicles

    Need to get somewhere? Review the different modes of transportation with your little learner!