First Grade Math Measurement Worksheets


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  • Which is Longer?

    Which is longer: a hockey puck or a pair of scissors? In this worksheet, kids get a math boost as they put groups of things in order from shortest to longest.

  • How Tall Are They: Tools

    Your child will practice measuring and writing numbers, fine motor skills, counting and identifying objects.

  • How Tall Are They: Leaves!

    This colorful worksheet will help your child practice writing numbers, using a ruler, measuring and even counting.

  • Pencil Problems

    Just like people, pencils come in all shapes and sizes. Ask your students to measure the pencils, then calculate the difference in their measurements.

  • Estimate Length

    Estimation is an important part of math and science. Practice estimating length by using your best guess!

  • Classroom Measurement Detective

    Put on your detective hats because it's time for a measurement hunt! In this activity, students search for objects around the classroom that are shorter/longer than the given items. Your kids will have fun hunting for items and drawing what they find.

  • Ice Cream Scoop Measurement

    Learn the basics of finding length with some ice cream scoop measurement! Use one scoop as one unit of measurement.

  • Measurement Assessment

    How do your first graders' measuring skills measure up? Use this activity to assess your students’ measurement abilities by having them use rulers to measure pictures and answer questions.

  • Determining Relative Volume

    Help your child practice his skills in spatial perception with this printable worksheet, which asks him to measure the potential volume of common items.

  • Measurements of Length

    Is a flamingo taller than a duck? In this worksheet, kids put each group of things in order from shortest to tallest.

  • Measuring in Centimeters

    Practice measuring in centimeters with this beginner's worksheet! Kids can use the cut-out ruler to measure each item in centimeters.

  • Classroom Problems

    Students practice evaluating the measurement of a familiar objects like a pencil, book, poster, crayon, paper, and scissors - no ruler needed!

  • How Long Is Rapunzel's Hair?

    Rapunzel is famous for her never-ending hair! Your child can practice basic measurements with a ruler by measuring how far down the tower her hair goes.

  • How Tall Are They: Desk Supplies

    This colorful printout lets your child practice measuring, counting, and even identify colors and objects, boosting his math and thinking skills.

  • Measuring Fish

    Practice measurement with this colorful worksheet. Students will first make an estimation, and then measure with a ruler.

  • Height Measurement

    Introduce your child to measuring with a ruler, using both inches and centimeters.

  • How Tall Are They: Writing Instruments

    This measurement worksheet will let your child learn to measure objects, practice counting, identifying colors and recalling objects.

  • How Tall Are They: Coins!

    Your child will practice measuring and writing numbers, counting and identifying money by coins on this worksheet for preschool math.

  • Think & Measure #4

    Practice measuring with your very own paper ruler! What's on the measuring agenda for today? A nifty purple hammer and a blue nail, of course.

  • Ice Cream Measuring Activity

    Partake in this ice cream measuring activity by finding the height of each ice cream cone. Simply count the number of scoops per cone to find the answers!

  • Irregular Measurements and the Giant

    Young kids can practice irregular measurement with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk.