First Grade Math Time Worksheets


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  • Months of the Year

    Help your first grader learn the months of the year, from January to December, with help from this simple riddle worksheet.

  • Time Practice

    Practice telling time with an analog clock using this great practice sheet.

  • On the Hour

    Give your first grader a head start on time by practicing telling time on the hour. Match each clock to the correct time it tells.

  • Half Hour

    Practice telling time to the half hour with your first grader with this matching worksheet.

  • Reading a Calendar

    Teach your first grader how to read a calendar with this helpful worksheet.

  • Quarter Hour

    Practice telling time with this match up worksheet! Kids will work on telling time to the quarter hour.

  • Time Mix Up

    Uh oh, it looks like there's been a time mix up! Have some fun figuring out analog clocks with your student.

  • Telling Time: A.M. or P.M.?

    Help your child understand a.m. and p.m. by having her read each sentence, then determine if the event happened before noon (a.m.) or after noon (p.m.).

  • On the Half Hour: Telling Time with Clockwork Cat

    Join Clockwork Cat as she practices telling time on the half hour.

  • Telling Time to the Quarter Hour

    Teach your student about telling time to the quarter hour with this intro worksheet.

  • Telling Time: Word Problems

    Boost your first grader's understanding of time by challenging her to solve word problems all about time.

  • Time Quiz

    What time is it? Review time telling skills on the analog clock with this fill-in-the-bubbles quiz.

  • Telling the Time

    Give your child practice telling time with this printable worksheet that asks him to write the time in numerals.

  • Telling Time: Showtime!

    For this first grade math worksheet, kids practice telling time by reading digital time and converting it to analog by drawing hands on the face of a clock.

  • Find the Time

    Let's find the time with this beginner's worksheet on reading analog clocks.

  • Telling Time: Tick-tock

    For this first grade math worksheet, kids look at each analog clock, determine the time, and write the time in the spaces provided.

  • Telling Time: Practice Reading Clocks

    One of the hardest parts of telling time is learning how to read an analog clock. This worksheet offers the practice kids need to tackle this difficult concept.

  • Telling Time to the Hour

    Don't get lost in a digital world! Practice telling time to the hour on an analog clock using this colorful worksheet.

  • On the Half Hour: Telling Time with Malcolm Mouse

    Help young Malcolm Mouse learn how to tell time on the half hour by circling the time shown on each clock.

  • Draw the Hour Hand

    Give the clock maker a hand by drawing the hour hands back on the clocks following the times shown.

  • On the Hour: Write the Time #1

    Introduce your first grader to telling time by practicing reading clocks on the hour.

  • Time to the Half Hour

    Let's practice keeping track of the time by writing the time shown on each clock.

  • Time Word Problems

    Telling time is something we do every day! Practice applying your math skills to real life with these time word problems.

  • Time Review: Tell Time with Carlos Cat

    Carlos Cat is here to help your first grader review time.