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  • Color the World! South Korea

    Introduce your child to world places and cultures with geography coloring pages. This one features a traditional fan dance from Korea!

  • Color the Dragon Dancers

    At Chinese New Year parades, participants often celebrate by building dragon and lion characters to dance under. How many dancers are under this dragon?

  • Color the World! Flamenco

    Travel to Spain and learn all about flamenco, a traditional style of music and dance.

  • Irish Dance Coloring Page

    Irish dance has a rich history. Celebrate this wonderful piece of Ireland's culture with this festive coloring page.

  • Hula Coloring Page

    This hula coloring page stops in Hawaii. Take a peek at other cultures and places with "Color the World" coloring pages!

  • Color the Dancing Fairy

    This fun coloring page features a fairy dancing through a field of tulips.

  • Folklorico Dress Coloring Page

    What's more fun than spinning and dancing in a long folklorico dress?Add some festive flair to this folklorico dress coloring page.

  • Dance The Charleston

    Learn how to dance the Charleston with this interactive coloring page. After you color the dancer, check out the dance steps on page 2!