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  • Bookmark Book Review

    This worksheet will have your child assemble and decorate a bookmark while reviewing story sequence as divided into beginning, middle, and end.

  • Facial Expressions

    Get to know the different emotions we feel by learning how to draw facial expressions!

  • Adjectives and Nouns

    Here's a fun and creative way to practice parts of speech! Use these cut-outs to create funny combinations of adjectives and nouns.

  • 3-Dimensional Shapes

    Learn how to draw 3-dimensional shapes with this simple guide for kids. This is a great way to review the 3D shapes.

  • How to Draw a Giraffe

    Introduce your young artist to step-by-step drawing with this adorable giraffe!

  • How to Draw a Penguin

    Brr! Get chilly with a cute (and cool!) penguin drawing worksheet. You'll learn how to draw this dapper bird with a few step-by-step instructions.

  • Pointillism

    Introduce your child to pointillism with this great worksheet, complete with a bit of art history and some space for kids to do their own pointillism drawing.

  • Drawing with a Ruler

    Straighten out your drawing skills with a fun ruler worksheet! Practice using the ruler to draw straight lines, create patterns, or make shapes.

  • How to Draw a Lion

    Help your child discover his wild -- and artsy -- side with this drawing project.

  • Squiggle Art

    Flex creativity and imagination by turning silly squiggles into drawings!

  • About My Home

    What makes a house a home? Have some fun exploring your home with your little learner.

  • Color Mixing

    Explore the endless possibilities of color with this color mixing worksheet. Bust out the paints and watercolor to practice creating new shades.

  • Alphabet Alliteration

    Have some fun with the alphabet as you learn all about alliteration! Create an alliteration for every letter of the alphabet.

  • Symmetry Drawing

    Teach your first grader about symmetry with this fun drawing page. Try finishing each drawing to make it symmetrical!

  • How to Draw a Bear

    Have fun learning to draw a cozy bear all wrapped up in a hat and scarf with this step-by-step worksheet.

  • How to Draw an Elephant

    Let your kid break down the parts of an elephant with these simple, step-by-step instructions.

  • How to Draw Trees

    Indulge your inner artist with a fun drawing lesson. Kids will hone fine motor and handwriting skills as they learn how to draw trees.

  • How to Draw a Shape Butterfly

    This beautiful butterfly has some shapely wings! Use straight lines instead of curved ones to learn to draw this unique butterfly.

  • Halloween Haunted House

    Take a peek at the eerie eyes in the windows of this Halloween haunted house, then invent the monster that goes with each pair.

  • Number Drawings

    Turn numbers into drawings with this fun doodle worksheet.

  • Think Ahead

    This exercise will challenge your child's powers of recollection as well as his communication skills. It also provides an introduction to the research process.

  • Animal Houses

    All animal houses are different, depending on each animal's needs and abilities. Can your little scientist draw the homes for these animals?

  • Counting and Drawing

    Apply those counting skills to real life with a fun drawing activity. Kids will create drawings to represent each number, 1-10.

  • Transportation Drawings

    Enjoy this fun drawing lesson for kids, which doubles as a review of transportation.