Fourth Grade Ela Genre Writing Worksheets


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  • Opening an Umbrella Indoors

    Have you ever opened an umbrella indoors? Some people think that action causes bad luck! Read all about how this superstition came to be.

  • Cinderella's Stepsisters

    Play the role of author, and rewrite a famous fairy tale! What if the Cinderella story was told from the perspective of the stepsisters?

  • Spilling Salt

    Is spilling salt really bad luck? Read about the origins of this food superstition; it may not be as odd as you think!

  • Supporting Statements

    All writing needs support! Give your young writer some structure with this supporting statements activity.

  • Easter Creative Writing #4

    This Easter writing prompt will get your child to think about Easter traditions and then order his thoughts by practicing structured composition.

  • "What If" Story

    What if Pinocchio were a girl instead of a boy? How would the story be different?

  • Number Superstitions

    Read up on the various number superstitions around the world and why certain numbers are so lucky or unlucky for certain cultures!

  • Signs of a Haunted House

    How do you know if you're living in a haunted house? Doors opening by themselves? Come up with your own spooky signals that the ghosts are near!

  • Helios the Sun God

    This story starter is getting warmer! Read this version of the story of Helios the sun god, then have your child make his own sun myth.

  • Using Dialogue to Pace Your Piece

    This worksheet walks students through an example of how the dialogue between two or more characters can help writers change the pacing of a narrative.

  • Describe Yourself

    If you could choose just one word to best describe yourself, what word would it be?

  • Favorite Quotes

    Encourage your child to decode a favorite quote in this reading comprehension sheet.

  • Broken Mirror

    If you break a mirror, will it really give you bad luck for 7 years? Investigate the origins of this famous superstition with a fun writing activity.

  • Walking Under a Ladder

    Beware of walking under ladders! Find out the origins of this superstition and why people avoid walking under ladders.

  • Forming an Opinion: Halloween Costumes

    Students will form their own opinions, as they voice whether or not they think children should be allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school.

  • I Beg to Differ! Writing Effective Counterclaims

    Your students will learn how to support an opinion by addressing opposing viewpoints.

  • Sasquatch Sightings!

    Seen Sasquatch? Here's a list of ten ways to know, but just like Sasquatch, some of the items are missing. Fill in the rest using your awesome creativity!

  • Different Ways to Start a Story

    There are many different ways to start a story! Hone creativity and build knowledge about literary devices with these fun story starting prompts.

  • The Secretive Celestial

    Nobody knows much about the Secretive Celestial. It's up to your young author to decide who this superhero is. Let the imagination run wild.

  • Earth Day Pledge

    This composition prompt asks kids to consider one thing they can do and one thing they can stop doing this Earth Day.

  • Using Formatting to Pace Your Piece

    This worksheet walks students through the three main formatting strategies writers can use when organizing and pacing their narratives.

  • Don't Step on a Crack!

    Do you avoid stepping on cracks in the road? Have some fun exploring a common childhood superstition!

  • Using Inside and Outside Details to Pace Your Piece

    Teach students to slow the pace of the story by pausing to take stock of what’s happening around the character and inside the character's heart and mind.

  • Are You Superstitious?

    Would you cross a path where a black cat had passed? Would you go under a ladder? Are you superstitious? Write all about it here!