Fourth Grade Ela Punctuation Worksheets


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  • Punctuate Me: Quotation Marks & Capitalization

    Kids practice using quotation marks correctly and identifying words that should be capitalized in this grammar and punctuation worksheet.

  • Punctuation: Jack and the Beanstalk

    A written passage without punctuation can be very difficult to read! With this worksheet, your child will punctuate this excerpt.

  • Punctuate Me: Using Commas

    Get your child's punctuation engines started with this worksheet that breaks down where and how to use commas.

  • Its or It's?

    "Its" or "it's"? If your child is not sure, help her practice with the sentences on this third grade writing worksheet.

  • Possessive Apostrophes in Nouns

    Women's hats or womens' hats. This apostrophe worksheet shows where to put those tricky possessive apostrophes in nouns.

  • Quotation Marks Quiz #2

    Got questions about quotations marks? No problem! This worksheet will help your child build his grammar and punctuation skills.

  • Reading Response Letter Interactive

    Students will look over a sample reading response letter and identify important elements in the text.

  • Capitalizing and Punctuating Titles and Headings

    Show your students that learning to capitalize and punctuate titles isn’t that hard when they review and practice these simple guidelines.

  • Punctuation: The Lion and the Mouse

    If you're looking for some punctuation practice, here's the worksheet for you! Read the fable, and then add in all the missing punctuation marks.

  • Comma Rules for Kids

    Breakdown basic comma rules for kids using this worksheet that lists five common rules for that tricky punctuation mark!

  • Place that Apostrophe! Singular and Plural Possessives

    In this exercise, your students will put their grammar skills to the test as they decide where to place missing apostrophes.

  • Quotation Mark Rules

    Quotation marks confusing your kid? Help him learn the rules of the game with this quick refresher on quotation mark rules.

  • Mixed Review Writing Assessment

    In this mid-year assessment, students will apply their writing knowledge to a broad set of problems.

  • Practice Punctuation

    Written passages look pretty silly without punctuation, and sometimes they're difficult to read! Practice punctuating this excerpt from classic literature.

  • Learning Formal Writing

    Become an editor for a day! Try to find and correct all the grammar and punctuation errors in the essay.

  • Using Commas in a List

    Help your child build his grammar skills with a punctuation worksheet, where he'll practice using commas in a list.

  • What are Quotation Marks?

    Help your student learn all about writing dialogue and using quotation marks correctly with this introductory worksheet.

  • Shrink Ray Contractions #3

    Fifth graders build their contraction knowledge by helping the shrink ray identify words that can be combined and writing the corresponding contractions.

  • Possessive Apostrophe Review

    This activity will review that one simple rule and provide some examples to apply this rule.

  • Language Arts Review Part 2

    This review worksheet is a quick way to assess your students’ knowledge of prepositional phrases and other language arts skills.

  • Punctuating Your Letter

    Challenge students to find and edit specific punctuation errors! This letter-editing exercise is good practice for students learning to write both formal letters — like persuasive or business correspondence — and friendly, informal letters.

  • Reading Response Letter Format

    Use this activity to teach students the structure and content of a reading response letter.

  • Shrink Ray Contractions #1

    Give your fifth grader a spin on the contraction shrink ray to help him tackle identifying and spelling contractions.

  • Adding Apostrophes

    Check out this fun and spooky Halloween worksheet all about apostrophes. Your child will read the story and add in the missing apostrophes.