Fourth Grade Ela Reading Non Fiction Worksheets


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  • The History of Chocolate

    This Hispanic Heritage Month, learn the history of chocolate and try your hand at a historical recipe.

  • Nonfiction Text Features: Martin Luther King Jr.

    With this nonfiction resource, students will learn about an important historical leader while referring to key text features to gather information.

  • History of Hip Hop Music

    Celebrate Black History Month by learning about soul music and the history of African-Americans in pop music, all in this Hip-Hop Music worksheet!

  • Reading Response

    Keep your budding reader organized with a reading response journal! Print out several of these response pages to create a homemade reading log.

  • All About the Rock Cycle

    If you think volcanoes are cool, this worksheet will blow your mind! Learn about the rock cycle by reading the paragraph and taking a multiple choice quiz.

  • Main Idea Multiple Choice

    This exercise gives your student practice identifying a main idea and supporting details in short texts.

  • History of Jazz

    Celebrate Black History Month by learning about the birth of jazz music, and the history of African-Americans in pop music.

  • The Underground Railroad

    The Underground Railroad helped thousands of enslaved Americans find freedom. In this worksheet, your student will learn about this historic network.

  • Identify the Author's Purpose

    Authors persuade, inform, and entertain through various types of writing! Students set out to identify the author’s purpose.

  • Industrial Revolution

    How did our society become so advanced? Introduce your student to the Industrial Revolution with this reading sheet.

  • History of Rock 'n' Roll

    Celebrate Black History Month by learning about the birth of rock 'n' roll music and the history of African-Americans in pop music!

  • Fourth Grade Reading Log

    Kids reflect on what they read with this reading log.

  • New Year Superstitions

    Celebrating the New Year is all about tradition, and it's different in every culture! Many common traditions are actually based on superstition.

  • Great Wall of China

    Step right up to the most famous wall on Earth! Spanning nearly four thousand miles, the Great Wall of China is one of the oldest wonders of the world.

  • Close Reading Annotations

    Use this chocolate-themed exercise to introduce your students to close reading with annotations.

  • Cesar Chavez

    Read up on a historical hero from 20th-century America! Your student will learn about the history of the labor movement and the life of Cesar Chavez.

  • The Constitution

    Check out this cool constitution worksheet that introduces kids to the Constitution of the United States.

  • Make a Match: Reading Genres

    Kids match reading genres to descriptions in this worksheet.

  • Nonfiction Text Features: Winter Olympics

    Use this resource with your students to read an interesting article about the Winter Olympics while gathering information from text features.

  • Graphic Organizer: Author's Purpose & Point of View

    This graphic organizer helps students work through a nonfiction text to help organize information about the author’s point, and the reasons and evidence used to support it.

  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Battle of Bunker Hill was one of the early battles of the American Revolution. Discover the important features of the battle with this worksheet.

  • History of Baseball

    Batter up! It's time to get a hands-on history lesson in this fun printable activity that flexes your fourth-grader's memory and comprehension muscles

  • History of Motown

    Your child will learn about the history of music and the history of segregation in America with this Motown worksheet.

  • What is Historical Fiction?

    You may not realize how many beloved books and award-winning movies are historical fiction. Get a taste of historical fiction and try writing some yourself.