Fourth Grade Foreign Language Spanish Worksheets


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  • "Ser" vs "Estar"

    The battle between "ser" and "estar" will wage throughout your Spanish learning experience! Practice identifying when to use "ser" (to be) or "estar" (to be).

  • Spanish Verbs

    Take action with this list of Spanish verbs! Soon your beginning Spanish speaker will have these memorized.

  • Greetings in Spanish

    Learn how to say "hello", "goodbye" and everything in between! Your young Spanish speaker will build his vocabulary with some important phrases.

  • Family in Spanish

    Want some new names for mom and dad? Learn all the Spanish words for your family members in this bilingual worksheet.

  • Partes del Cuerpo

    Learn los partes del cuerpo, or "the parts of the body" in Spanish! Students can practice the spelling and proper pronunciation of basic body parts.

  • Spanish Word Fiesta

    Stumped on a Spanish language worksheet? This mini dictionary is here to help!

  • Shapes in Spanish

    This worksheet shows your budding Spanish speaker how to spell and pronounce the Spanish words for shapes. It's great practice for building Spanish vocabulary!

  • Questions in Spanish

    Asking questions is an important part of learning! Learn how to ask (and how to answer) questions in Spanish with this helpful worksheet.

  • Fruits in Spanish

    Test your kid's Spanish vocabulary and see if he can match fruits with their Spanish words. If he gets it right, celebrate with "una ensalada de fruta."

  • Body Parts in Spanish

    Sort out the parts of the body in Spanish with this fill-in-the-blanks worksheet.

  • Colors and Shapes in Spanish

    Bring a little color into your Spanish learning! Name each shape and its color, using the word bank at the bottom of the page.

  • Nouns in Spanish

    Did you know that in the Spanish language, nouns have a gender? Learn when to use the articles "el" or "la" with nouns in Spanish.

  • "La" or "El"

    The question of "la" versus "el" often stumps beginning Spanish speakers. Learn a few exceptions to the general rule with this helpful list.

  • Spanish Verb Ser

    Ser o no ser? To be or not to be? Learn when to use "ser", meaning "to be", one of the most important verbs to know in Spanish!

  • Spanish Verb Tener

    In Spanish the word tener , "to have", is used in a few strange ways, including how to say your age or express emotions like hunger or fear.

  • School Supplies in Spanish

    Your child spends all day with school supplies like pencils, crayons and books. See if she knows the Spanish words for these items.

  • Sports in Spanish

    Add some Spanish to your sports practice with this cool worksheet! From basketball to football, learn the Spanish names for all your favorite sports.

  • Spanish Plural

    Spanish plurals are just a bit different from English plurals. The articles ("la"or "el"; "un" or "una") also get pluralized!

  • Spanish Verb Estar

    Estoy listo! Get savvy on one of the most important Spanish verbs. "Estar" means "to be", but is used to describe temporary feelings or situations.

  • Landforms in Spanish

    Get some Spanish practice with this nature-themed worksheet full of familiar landforms.

  • Colors in Spanish Word Search

    This word search includes all the Spanish words for the basic colors. Challenge your young Spanish learner's eye for Spanish vocabulary.

  • "Hay" in Spanish

    Hay tantas palabras! There are so many words! Learn to use the verb "haber", most commonly conjugated as "hay", in Spanish.

  • Animals in Spanish

    Get to know los animales in Spanish! Believe it or not, learning a new language can actually help improve skills in your native language.

  • Spanish Adjectives

    Master a new language with the help of these Spanish adjectives flashcards! Challenge her even further by asking her to say each word in a sentence.