Fourth Grade Math Addition Worksheets


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  • Subtracting Numbers with Decimals

    This math practice sheet gives your kid the help he needs to be cool, calm, and collected when it comes to subtracting decimals.

  • Equation Puzzles

    Put your logic skills to the test with these addition and subtraction problems. Each math problem has missing digits and you must be able to fill in…

  • Egg-cellent Addition!

    Improve your fourth grader's math addition skills and have him complete a fun coloring activity using one simple worksheet.

  • Addition with Decimals

    Darn those decimals! While doing math with decimals can be tricky, here's a great worksheet to get your child in gear for math.

  • Addition Maze

    Add large decimal numbers and round the answer to the nearest whole number to find your way through the maze!

  • Arithmetic Puzzles

    Practice addition and subtraction while honing your logic skills. Fill in the missing blanks with the correct numbers to make each equation true.

  • Adding Decimals Coloring Page #2

    Here's a colorful review of addition with decimals! Your child will get to do some coloring as she solves each addition problem.

  • Dizzy Over Decimals: Addition #3

    If adding up decimals is getting your child down, then we've got the worksheet for her!

  • Dizzy Over Decimals: Addition #2

    Once your kid has gotten comfortable adding up multi-digit numbers, it's time to dive into decimals!

  • Dizzy Over Decimals: Subtraction #3

    Here's an easy way to ease your kid's concerns about subtracting decimals: practice, practice, and more practice!

  • Dizzy Over Decimals: Subtraction #2

    Teach your child how to subtract decimals; it's easy easy as 1, 2, 3!