Fourth Grade Math Data Worksheets


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  • Going Abroad: Practice Reading a Bar Graph

    This 4th grade math worksheet will challenge your child's analytical thinking skills. He'll read a bar graph, then use its data to answer a set of questions.

  • Winter Temperatures

    Your meteorologist in the making will investigate changes in temperature as she practices charting and graphing data.

  • Introduction to Probability

    This bag of sports balls needs sorting! Introduce your child to probability concepts with this worksheet.

  • Reading Graphs

    Try getting started with reading graphs with this worksheet showing a baseball player's hits throughout his career, and answer the word problems.

  • Comparing Pictographs: Football Time

    In this math worksheet, kids compare two pictographs that record the number of footballs kicked and the number of footballs thrown on the field.

  • Comparing Pictographs: Tulips and Daisies

    Your child will use the data in two pictographs that show the number of tulips and daisies imported from certain European countries to answer word problems.

  • Probability: Days of the Week

    Practice probability with the days of the week! Your child will learn to find the probability of picking a random day on the calendar.

  • Probability Practice

    Get some practice with probability! With this exercise, your child will practice using fractions to express probability of different outcomes.

  • Probability Quiz

    Here's a great opportunity for your child to practice probability! He'll solve word problems about the probability of choosing an item from a group.

  • Probability Practice: Birds

    Practice probability and fractions with some feathery friends! In this exercise, your child will determine the likelihood of certain birds flying away.

  • Probability Prize Wheel

    Give your child some practice with probability! With this exercise, he'll determine how likely each outcome of the prize wheel is.

  • Intro to Probability: Playing Cards

    We don't condone gambling, but here's a fun worksheet to learn probability with playing cards.

  • Intro to Probability: Utensils

    Serve yourself some knowledge with this probability worksheet! This great page will introduce your child to probability concepts.

  • Intro to Probability: Marbles

    Don't lose your marbles over math! This great worksheet will introduce your child to probability concepts.

  • Intro to Probability: Fruit

    What can you learn from this bag o' fruit? Introduce your child to probability concepts with this worksheet.

  • Baseball Predictions

    A math challenge worksheet with no wrong answers! Look at standings for a baseball league and make predictions based on numbers.

  • Probability Practice: Fish

    What kind of fish would you like to catch? Help your child master the concept of probability with this fun, visual exercise!

  • Heads or Tails?

    This worksheet will get your student up to speed on probability, and also give him a head start on fractions!

  • Probability Practice: Flowers

    Can you guess which flower the bee will choose? With this exercise your child will learn how to determine the likelihood of the bee choosing a certain flower.

  • Probability Grab Bag

    Picking a random prize isn't just about luck, it involves math too! With this worksheet, your child will practice determining probability with the grab bag.

  • Probability Practice: Worms

    The early bird gets the worm! But which one will he choose? Have your child practice determining probability with a fun, visual exercise.