Fourth Grade Math Math Word Problems Worksheets


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  • Funny Money Math

    Flex your child's math and reasoning skills with this fun worksheet, which challenges her to figure out what each bill is worth.

  • Calculating Numbers in the Millions

    4th graders need to know how to deal with millions. Try out these baseball-themed word problems for some great practice with large numbers.

  • Calculate the Change

    You've got a $5 bill and a hunger for some delicious candy corn. Can you calculate how much change you'll receive from the cashier?

  • Calculate the Change 2

    Have you ever bought a scarecrow? Imagine you're going to the store to buy one of these festive fall items. Calculate the change you would get back.

  • Calculate the Change 4

    It's time to stock up on spooky jack-o'-lanters, but who's going to figure out all the money math involved? Are you up for the challenge?

  • Calculate the Change 5

    Practice money math with this Halloween-themed worksheet! Imagine you're buying a glowing skeleton at the store with a $10 bill. How much change will you get?

  • Calculate the Change 3

    Hey, coin expert! Take a look at this math problem and try to figure out the change you would get back after buying a mask. Are you up for this money challenge?