Fourth Grade Math Multiplication Worksheets


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  • Two-Digit Multiplication

    Build your child's two-digit multiplication skills with this worksheet.

  • Multiplication Crossword

    Have some fun reviewing times tables with this multiplication crossword.

  • 2-Digit Multiplication

    Challenge your fourth grader with 2-digit multiplication. Give him a hand practicing multiplying double digits by double digits with this ninja worksheet.

  • Multiplication Fill-in-the-Blank #1

    Think outside the times table box with this fill-in-the-blank multiplication page. Kids can get a quick introduction to basic algebra with this drill sheet!

  • Printable Multiplication Table

    This printable multiplication table is great for young mathematicians. This printable multiplication table helps your child memorize all the way through 13x13.

  • Multiplication and Division Practice Sheet #2

    Put your child's math skills to the test with some two-digit multiplication and division practice problems.

  • Three Ways to Multiply

    Use this exercise to teach your students concrete strategies to multiply two-digit factors: base ten arrays, area models, and partial products.

  • Mittens and Math: Two-Digit Multiplication Practice

    Help your 4th grader practice his two-digit multiplication with this winter-themed math worksheet.

  • Division Facts

    Ease into division with this worksheet that shows the relationship between multiplication and division.

  • Classroom Math: Multiplication Word Problems

    Your fourth grader will be challenged to complete five word problems using multiplication with two-digit numbers.

  • 3-Digit by 2-Digit Multiplication

    Challenge your fourth grader with 3-digit by 2-digit multiplication. Practice multiplying triple digits by double digits with this exciting ninja worksheet.

  • Math-Go-Round: Hard

    Here's a fun board game that's sure to take the blahs out of multiplication practice.

  • Prime Factorization

    This prime factorization worksheet is perfect for fourth grade mathematicians. Try this prime factorization worksheet to introduce your child to the concept.

  • Math Madness: Multiplication Facts

    Do you want to learn about which multiplication facts your students have mastered? Students will apply their math facts while completing this problem set. Before you say "go," offer encouragement as they embrace this challenge!

  • Double-Digit Multiplication

    Your fourth grader can practice two-digit multiplication the traditional way with this practice sheet. Make sure she shows her work!

  • Division Math Facts

    Learn about division as reverse multiplication with this worksheet packed with handy division problems.

  • Multiplication Regrouping

    This worksheet is jam-packed with 2 pages of multiplication regrouping problems to help kids tackle two-digit multiplication.

  • Missing Operations

    Uh oh! These math equations are missing their operation signs. Can you help find the sign that makes each equation true?

  • Math Facts Assessment: Flying Through Fourth Grade

    In this math exercise, students will demonstrate their multiplication and division facts fluency.

  • Distributive Property

    Review multiplication concepts with your student. With this worksheet, your students will practice using the distributive property to multiply one and two-digit factors.

  • Finding Factors

    With this worksheet, your child will be learning about factors, and she'll be getting multiplication practice as she goes.

  • Math-Go-Round: Expert

    Is your child an expert at multiplication? Find out with this fun, printable board game.

  • Area Model Multiplication

    The area model visual allows children to see the layers of computation within a multi-digit multiplication problem.

  • Inverse Operations: Multiplication

    Help your math student review the relationship between multiplication and division with this inverse operations worksheet.