Fourth Grade Math Number Sense Worksheets


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  • Rounding Around Town

    About how much flour does the town baker need? Your students will practice rounding to the thousands place as they solve real world problems for the people living in Approxiville.

  • Fill in the Number Line

    Use the number line to decipher the hidden message! Fill in the blanks to this number line with fractions and decimals.

  • Dizzy Over Decimals: Rounding #1

    Does your child need a little extra practice with decimal place values? This worksheet is the way to go.

  • Ordering Decimals Practice

    Does your fourth grader need help with ordering decimals? Bolster his decimal understanding with this beaker-booked worksheet.

  • Place Value Challenge

    Use the numbers given and unscramble them to find the answers to the clues provided. Follow each clue to create new six-digit numbers. Practice logical…

  • Order of Operations Puzzle 3

    Practice the rules of the order of operations with a logic puzzle! Write in the missing parentheses to make each equation true.

  • First Function Tables

    Introduce your students to function tables and rules with this scaffolded worksheet. Students will practice identifying a pattern that follows a rule. Then, solve for the input or output.

  • How to Round Decimals

    Rounding decimals is important for getting through 4th grade math. If your kid doesn't get it, give him this worksheet from the baseball math series.

  • Prime Number Practice

    Give your child prime number practice with this simple worksheet.

  • Dizzy Over Decimals: Rounding #2

    Is your child getting dizzy over decimals? This worksheet is sure to give her all the practice she needs to get comfortable with decimal place values.

  • Number Sense Review Part 1

    Let your students show what they know about place value, as they round, determine the value of various digits, and build numbers. Gain insight into who is ready to take on the challenges in the thousands place and beyond!

  • Place Value Practice: Part I

    Kids compare numbers written in different ways with this worksheet.

  • Parentheses First! Find the Missing Operation #2

    Your fourth grader will use her knowledge of arithmetic to find the missing sign that makes each equation ring true.

  • Round 'Em Up or Down

    This scaffolded worksheet will help your students learn the basics of rounding. Your students will practice rounding by using a number line, mental math, and solving a word problem.

  • Number Puzzle

    Can you put a series of numbers in order? How about if some are decimals and some are fractions? If you can, you can decode this number puzzle.

  • Three-Digit Rounding with Vertical Number Lines

    Use this math worksheet to round three-digit numbers using vertical number lines.

  • Parentheses First! Find the Missing Operation #1

    Work on your fourth grader's pre-algebra foundation with this worksheet that reinforces order of operations. He'll figure out which operation is missing!

  • Prime Number Card Code

    To solve this math worksheet your kid will need to follow the instructions and use his knowledge of prime numbers.

  • Baseball Math: Games Back

    Baseball provides great opportunities to learn math concepts. Here's a concept, games back, that requires an algebra formula simple even for 4th grade.

  • Wedding Stationary Conversions

    Try these exercises to practice converting decimals and fractions in denominators of tenths or hundredths.

  • Number Sense & Operations Review Part 2

    Have your students flex their math muscles as they solve problems related to addition, subtraction, division, and more! Conduct formative assessments through this worksheet along with Number Sense Review Part 1.

  • Order Decimals

    Your child will order decimals by putting paw prints in order from big to small. He'll rank numbers and gain an understanding of this fourth grade concept.

  • Baseball Strategy

    It's your turn to be the baseball manager! Use these tables to answer these tough questions about baseball strategy.

  • Order Decimals from Greatest to Least

    Encourage your fourth grader to dive into decimals with this bookish math worksheet. In this worksheet he'll order decimals from greatest to least.