Fourth Grade Science Physical Science Worksheets


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  • Space Food

    Looking for a fourth grade worksheet to help your kid with astronomy? This printable will help him learn the relative sizes of planets.

  • Water: the Universal Solvent

    Learn some basic chemistry with this worksheet about the universal solvent: water. Find out why water is called the universal solvent.

  • Density of Salt Water

    Budding scientists will learn about the density of salt water and perform an experiment with food coloring, salt water, and fresh water.

  • Space Science Word Scramble II

    Searching for a worksheet to help your fourth grader with science? This printable will help him practice astronomy vocabulary.

  • Density of Coke and Diet Coke

    Sink or float? Your kid may be surprised to learn that the density of coke and diet coke aren't the same!

  • Science of the Movies

    Learn all about the science of the movies and the basic concepts behind how they work.

  • Is It Gold?

    During the Gold Rush, people weren't sure if they found gold or something else, and these easy steps would help them be sure.