Fourth Grade Social Studies Civics Government Worksheets


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  • Presidential Address

    When the president speaks, people listen. If you were the president, with the whole country listening, what would you say?

  • Presidential Pets

    If you were president, you might want to do some crazy things, but what about choosing a pet? Write a bit about what pet you'd have if you were president.

  • Washington, D.C.

    Kids learn about our nation's capital with this fun worksheet that teaches them geography, history, and the interesting reason why D.C. was never made a state.

  • White House Dinner

    Imagine planning a dinner at the White House. A chef's night doesn't get more high-pressure than that! See if you can create a menu that will satisfy everyone.

  • What's in a Flag?

    Kids learn about state flags by researching and sketching the California state flag and a flag of their choice in this fun worksheet.