Fourth Grade Social Studies World Studies Worksheets


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  • The History of Chocolate

    This Hispanic Heritage Month, learn the history of chocolate and try your hand at a historical recipe.

  • Valentine's Day Around the World

    Discover some cross-cultural connections by investigating how Valentine's Day is celebrated in other regions of the world.

  • Universal Symbols

    Despite language barriers, there are some universal symbols that the whole world can understand. Can you think of some more to add to this list?

  • Who Am I? The New 7 Wonders of the World

    Take a trip to the New 7 Wonders of the World by answering the questions on this worksheet.

  • Dia de los Muertos Art

    Use this worksheet to discover some Dia de los Muertos art and see the role that creativity plays in this important holiday in Mexican culture.

  • Map of the New 7 Wonders

    Test your geography skills by using this map to help locate the New 7 Wonders of the World around the globe.

  • International Etiquette

    This worksheet, part of our upcoming A Day in the Life of the President workbook, helps refine knowledge manners that change from culture to culture.

  • Spain Word Search

    Here is a fun activity for students learning their world history facts! Solve this word search all about Spain's national symbols.

  • Dia de los Muertos History

    Read this interesting Dia de los Muertos history, then answer the quick quiz questions at the end. It's simple (and spooky!) social studies comprehension.

  • Day of the Dead Celebrations

    Though it's called many different things, lots of countries hold Day of the Dead celebrations with their own customs and traditions.

  • Ancient Alphabets

    Discover the origins of our written alphabet! This chart shows the progression of glyphs and symbols that eventually led to the English alphabet.

  • Labyrinths

    Don't get lost in this a-MAZE-ing history worksheet! Students will read a bit of history on labyrinths, a type of geoglyph.

  • Phrases in Different Languages

    Did you know that there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages? Take a closer look at some commonalities (and differences) in written language!

  • Voynich Manuscript

    Learn about one of the world's most mysterious pieces of written text, the Voynich manuscript, which has never been deciphered.

  • Dead Languages

    How can a language be "dead"? Read about some of the oldest languages, and how they eventually died out.