Kindergarten Ela Reading Fiction Worksheets


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  • My Reading Checklist

    Help your kindergarten students practice good reading habits by using this handy reading checklist.

  • New Year's Rebus Story

    Fill in the New Year's Eve story with pictures instead of words.

  • At the Zoo

    Bring the zoo to your home with this adjective identification worksheet!

  • Smooth Reading #1

    Help your students with heir reading fluency using this fun worksheet.

  • Make a Story Book: May I Read a Book to You?

    Not only does this mini story book boost reading and phonics skills, kids get to color it in and put it together themselves.

  • Smooth Reading #2

    This worksheet will help your students practice their reading fluency and comprehension skills.

  • The Frog and the Ox

    This story teaches students a moral and helps strengthen their sentence building skills.

  • The House that Jack Built

    Students learn to observe small details in text through repetition and the nursery rhyme, "The House that Jack Built."

  • Who's Who: Halloween

    Solve a Halloween riddle by reading clues and figuring out the names of these costumed kids.

  • Five Little Monkeys

    Have your little monkey learn this nursery rhyme through repetition!

  • Little Boy Blue

    Help students answer questions about Little Boy Blue in this worksheet that strengthens reading and listening skills.

  • Bed in Summer Rhyme

    Students read a poem and then record their evening routine in this delightful writing exercise.

  • Make a Mini Story Book: Five Little Fish

    If your child loves rhyming stories, he's sure to love this mini book about five little fish going off to bed. Color it, assemble it, and read it!

  • Make a Mini Story Book: My Friend

    Featuring a story about a cat and mouse who make friends, this make-it-yourself mini book offers tons of reading (and coloring!) fun.

  • The Ants and the Grasshopper

    Teach kids that there is a time for play and a time for work with this lesson featuring Aesop's *The Ants and the Grasshopper*.

  • Make a Mini Story Book: Rhyming Fun

    Rhyming words are great for boosting phonics knowledge and teaching word families. This little make-it-yourself story book is packed with fun animal rhymes.

  • The Sweet Soup

    Help your student's reading comprehension with this short story and clarification questions.

  • Draw What Happened

    Have your kindergarten students retell the story with pictures. This is a great activity to promote reading comprehension!

  • Make a Mini Story Book: Little or Big?

    This little story book that kids can cut out and make themselves is just the thing to get kindergarteners excited about learning how to read.

  • The Hare and the Tortoise

    This worksheet will help students pick out key details from a story.

  • Wake Up Senses

    Practice writing sensory poetry using this fun template that will get students thinking, drawing, and writing.

  • Make a Mini Story Book: Where Is My Home?

    With a simple story line and pictures kids can color it, this printable mini book is just the thing to get reluctant readers excited about reading.

  • Poetry in the Snow

    Students will practice their reading fluency while also searching for all of the letter S’s!

  • My Reading Checklist Bookmark

    Use this handy bookmark to help your students practice good reading habits while keeping track of what they read.