Kindergarten Math Subtraction Worksheets


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  • Subtraction for Kids

    Ready, set... go! Start off subtraction with some picture equations, perfect for helping your child understand a new math concept.

  • Simple Subtraction: Take Away 1, 2, and 3

    Flex your child's math skills with this worksheet set, which focuses on subtracting 1, 2, and 3 from other numbers.

  • Subtraction Color By Number: Color the Fish!

    Solve the equations and then color by number to reveal a colorful underwater friend! You'll get some great subtraction and coloring practice while you're at it.

  • Number Line Subtraction

    Put those counting skills to the test! Use the number line to help your child understand the basics of subtraction. She'll practice subtracting one.

  • Subtraction: Falling Apples

    For each problem on this worksheet, kids subtract single-digit numbers to see how many apples are left after someone has had a tasty snack.

  • Subtract Five

    Vroom vroom! Start your engines for some super subtraction practice. Your child will get a great visual learning experience with these picture problems.

  • Practice Test: Facts to 10

    Go over addition and subtraction facts up to 10 with your kindergartener with this nifty practice test.

  • Outer Space Math

    Get little ones excited about math with some stellar subtraction practice!

  • Beginning Word Problems

    Bug out on word problems! These simple story problems are perfect for helping beginners master subtraction.

  • Subtraction on a Number Line

    Learn to subtract by counting backwards on the number line! Your little math whiz will get to visualize the concept of subtraction as he solves each problem.

  • Addition and Subtraction for Kids

    Work up an appetite for addition and subtraction with fruits! Practice basic math with these word problems fit for young learners.

  • Simple Subtraction for 4th of July #2

    This 4th of July subtraction sheet makes math easy for visual learners.

  • Subtract Six

    Practice subtracting by six with these animal picture problems! Kids will cross off six animals from each group.

  • Counting Crossword

    For basic math skills, try this awesome crossword puzzle, with a twist. It includes counting, adding, subtracting and spelling all in one!

  • Count and Subtract

    Ready to introduce your child to subtraction, but you're not sure if he's ready? This worksheet is a simple and easy introduction.

  • Counting Up Subtraction

    For each problem on this first grade math worksheet, kids subtract single-digit numbers to see how many cheese pieces are left after the mouse eats its snack.

  • Subtraction Coloring

    Help Jill the Sheep track down the right heart by completing the subtraction problems in each box.

  • Sporting Good Subtraction

    Number writing combines with pictures and counting to make beginning subtraction more bearable and interesting for your child this spring!

  • Subtraction Practice: Spring Into It!

    This subtraction practice worksheet combines number writing with pictures and counting to make beginning subtraction easier for your child!

  • Chicken or Egg Subtraction

    How many chickens do you see? Get your kindergartener ready for elementary school math with this introduction to subtraction worksheet.

  • Subtraction for Visual Learners: Easter #5

    Cross out butterflies to learn subtraction basics in this math worksheet. Kids will solve subtraction problems by crossing out pictures of butterflies.

  • Simple Subtraction Word Problems

    Start your engines! It's time to race for subtraction. Help your future math star work out these simple word problems.

  • Simple Subtraction for 4th of July #3

    This 4th of July subtraction sheet is quick, cute, and makes math easy for visual learners.

  • Space Item Subtraction

    Have your child count up the space items and subtract the darker pictures in this visual worksheet to solve the subtraction problem.