Kindergarten Social Studies Geography Worksheets


Below is list of all worksheets available under this concept. Worksheets are organized based on the concept with in the subject.

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  • Reading a Map

    Here's a great geography worksheet that doubles as a coloring page! Your child will get to practice reading a simple map of a park.

  • Map to School

    How do you get to school each morning? Use this fun template to create a map to school.

  • Types of Landmarks

    Which types of landmarks do you recognize in your neighborhood? Get outdoors with your little one and explore your community.

  • Week 11: Around the World

    Flag garlands, blackboard globes, and chi chi sticks are just a few of the projects in this globe-trotting week's worth of learning.

  • Color the World! South Korea

    Introduce your child to world places and cultures with geography coloring pages. This one features a traditional fan dance from Korea!