Middle School Social Studies World Studies Worksheets


Below is list of all worksheets available under this concept. Worksheets are organized based on the concept with in the subject.

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  • The Voyage of Magellan

    Read about Magellan's treacherous journey with this two-part worksheet!

  • Map of Russia

    Get to know our world's largest geographical country with a map of Russia! Learn a fun fact about Russia's major cities as you go.

  • Map of the United Kingdom

    Get to know some other parts of the world with a mapping activity. Your child will learn and locate popular cities in the United Kingdom.

  • St. Patrick's Day Trivia

    Looking for St. Patrick's Day trivia? See how many of these questions you and your kids can answer!

  • Map of South America

    Is your mapping maniac ready to learn some world geography? This map challenge will test your child's knowledge of different cities in South America.

  • Countries Word Search: Germany

    Learn a few fun facts about Germany and its national symbols with a word search!

  • Countries Word Search: Canada

    How much do you know about our neighbor to the north, Canada? Learn a few national symbols and fun facts about Canada with this word search!

  • Countries Word Search: Japan

    Do you know what the large red dot on Japan's flag symbolizes? Find out that and many other fun facts about Japan with a word search.

  • Countries Word Search: Australia

    Did you know that the boomerang originated in Australia? Learn all about the land down under with this fun word search puzzle!

  • Countries Word Search: Mexico

    Can you name the national flower of Mexico? After finishing this word search, you'll have a ton of fun facts about Mexico at your disposal.