Preschool Ela Capitalization Worksheets


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  • Name Activity Placemat

    Color in the letters then write your name in the space reserved. Then turn the worksheet into a placemat that will not be mistaken for anyone's but yours!

  • Writing the Letter s

    Introduce or reinforce learning to write the lowercase letter s by completing this worksheet with your preschooler or kindergartener.

  • Writing the Letter u

    Work together with your preschool or kindergarten-age child to first recognize the lowercase letter u, then trace and write it

  • Writing the Letter w

    Help your kindergartener or preschooler learn how to write the lowercase letter w by using this worksheet.

  • Writing the Letter o

    This worksheet takes your preschooler or kindergartener through the steps of learning to identify, trace, and write the lowercase letter o.

  • The Letter H: H is for Helicopter!

    Help your preschooler learn to read and write the letter H with this fun writing and coloring page featuring a soaring helicopter.

  • Letter to My Future Self

    What would you like to be doing 5 years from now? Help your child understand the concept of present versus future with a fun time capsule activity!

  • Writing with a Heart

    Tracing words, drawing a heart, and writing names are all part of this valentine that students will want to share with everyone they care about.

  • Can You Write Your Name Assessment

    Assess whether kids can write their names with this worksheet.

  • Play the Super Why! Name Game

    It all starts with letters. In this activity from PBS KIDS' Super Why! your child will work on recognizing the letters in his or her name.

  • Christmas Place Cards

    Help your child practice her handwriting and spelling by having her color in and fill out these Christmas place cards.

  • Valentine's Day List

    Get student's ready for Valentine's Day and help them capitalize the names of friends and family!

  • Can You Capitalize That?

    If this describes your student, this assessment worksheet will help you to determine how much they know about using uppercase letters!