Preschool Ela Word Structure Worksheets


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  • Learning Syllables: Animals

    Help your preschooler who's learning syllables with this fun animal worksheet.

  • One Syllable Word Search

    This beginning reader's word search gets your kid to practice important vocabulary words, and he'll have a blast while he's at it!

  • Animal Syllables: 3

    This worksheet will help your preschooler learn about the concept of syllables and have fun while she's at it!

  • Syllable Circus Claps

    Help your child practice reading with this circus-themed worksheet, which will help your early reader by focusing on syllables.

  • Syllables Worksheet: Animals

    In this syllable worksheet about animals, your child will choose the number of dots representing the number of syllables in each animal's name.

  • Animal Syllables

    This fun worksheet will help your child learn about syllables, and he'll improve his pre-reading skills along the way!