Preschool Math Number Sense Worksheets


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  • Color by Number Butterfly

    Butterflies are one of the most amazing and beautiful insects, and now they can even teach counting, too.

  • Color by Number Rainbow

    Here's a fun way to teach kids their colors and boost fine motor skills to boot--a fun rainbow color by number sheet!

  • Counting Raindrops

    Count the number of raindrops in each row of the worksheet. Then draw a line to match each row of raindrops with the correct number on the right side.

  • Counting Cupcakes

    Color in the cupcakes on the left side of the worksheet, count the number of cupcakes in each row, then match them up with the correct number on the right.

  • Color by Number Fruit

    Here's a way to get your kid salivating for some healthy treats--a delicious fruit color by number page.

  • Find the Hidden Numbers

    Kids are sure to have a blast coloring their favorite nursery rhyme characters, and practicing counting from 1 to 10 while they're at it.

  • Dot to Dot 1-10: Fish

    What's hiding behind those pesky numbers? Connect the dots from the numbers 1-10 to find out!

  • Color by Number: Kite

    Practice color and number recognition while working on his fine-motor skills with this worksheet, which challenges him to match colors with numbers.

  • Ordering Numbers to 10

    What number comes after 3? Use the dots in this worksheet to count and put numbers in order.

  • Winter Addition

    Winter addition will keep math skills warm during the long chilly months. This winter addition worksheet helps ease preschoolers into early math concepts.

  • Beginning Subtraction: 1 to 5

    Is your preschooler ready to subtract numbers up to five? This beginning subtraction worksheet will have him counting and crossing out objects for answers.

  • What's Hiding in the Numbers?: 6

    This preschool math and coloring worksheet focuses on the number 6. Kids color all of the spaces with the number 6 to reveal the hidden stars.

  • How Many Colors in a Rainbow?

    Each part of the rainbow is labeled with a different color. Count how many colors are listed then color in each part according to the label.

  • Color by Number: Dino Dudes

    If you're looking for a simple and fun way to reinforce your preschooler's color and number practice, this sweet dinosaur color by number is just the ticket.

  • Dinosaur Color By Number

    Practice color and number recognition with this worksheet, which challenges her to match colors with numbers, then color in a cute dinosaur!

  • How Many Are There? Fish

    A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring a fish theme.

  • New Year's Countdown

    How do preschoolers celebrate New Year's Day? The same way adults do...counting down! Challenge your kid to fill in the numbers from 10 to 1.

  • Let's Practice Subtraction 1 to 10!

    Whether your child's getting comfortable with counting or he's ready for a new challenge this sports themed worksheet will engage his math and number learning.

  • Color by Number: Fishbowl

    Give your child some practice following directions with this fun fishbowl color by number page.

  • Hop to the Missing Numbers

    Challenge your kid to fill in the missing numbers from 1 to 50. This is an essential skill for understanding numbers beyond just counting them from memory.

  • Valentine Color-By-Number

    This valentine color-by-number is a great holiday activity for preschoolers. Try this valentine color-by-number to celebrate the holiday with numbers.

  • Color by Number: Lion in the Jungle

    Featuring a big adorable lion, this color by number has charm in spades...and it's great for number practice, too!

  • Preschool Math: All About the Number 3

    This third step in the number series introduces your preschooler to the number three. It'll have him writing, counting, and identifying the curvy number.

  • Learning Subtraction: 1 to 5

    Great colorful pictures with a springtime theme keep learning subtraction fun for your child.