Preschool Math Subtraction Worksheets


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  • Beginning Subtraction: 1 to 5

    Is your preschooler ready to subtract numbers up to five? This beginning subtraction worksheet will have him counting and crossing out objects for answers.

  • Let's Practice Subtraction 1 to 10!

    Whether your child's getting comfortable with counting or he's ready for a new challenge this sports themed worksheet will engage his math and number learning.

  • Learning Subtraction: 1 to 5

    Great colorful pictures with a springtime theme keep learning subtraction fun for your child.

  • Food Math: Subtraction Fun

    Food Math: Subtraction Fun allows preschoolers to practice simple subtraction by providing picture diagrams of each problem.

  • Let's Subtract 1 to 10!

    Spring is in the air and so is math learning fun! Subtraction isn't always easy to teach, so this colorful worksheet steps in to lend you a hand.

  • Preschool Math: Stellar Subtraction

    Get your little space explorer ready for launch into kindergarten! Give him a head start in math with this stellar subtraction worksheet.

  • Preschool Subtraction: Take Away the Sweets

    Preschool Subtraction: Take Away the Sweets will have preschoolers craving to solve subtraction problems through its fun and easy approach!

  • Preschool Math: Take Away the Bugs

    Preschool Math: Take Away the Bugs makes learning subtraction easy and fun by using picture diagrams to introduce subtraction to preschoolers.

  • Preschool Math: Take Away the Bees

    Preschool Math: Take Away the Bees introduces subtraction to preschoolers using a fun and simple approach!

  • Valentine's Day Beginning Subtraction

    Practice early subtraction with your child with this cheerful Valentine's Day math printable!

  • Preschool Math: Take Away the Sea Creatures

    Preschool Math: Take Away the Sea Creatures offers preschoolers an easy introduction to subtraction that will have them wanting to dive right in!

  • Bye Bye Butterflies!

    Have your preschooler practice simple subtraction by crossing out the butterflies and counting how many are left.

  • Thanksgiving Math: Simple Subtraction #2

    Give your little turkey mental math practice with a Thanksgiving addition worksheet. Kids will use Thanksgiving icons to add up each equation and find the sum.

  • Thanksgiving Math: Simple Subtraction #1

    Get some mental exercise on turkey day by doing some simple subtraction problems with your kindergartener.

  • Christmas Picture Subtraction #5

    Build basic math skills this Christmas with a picture subtraction exercise! Your little one can cross out these pictures to solve each equation.

  • Valentine's Day Early Subtraction

    Try pairing learning with a holiday theme, like this Valentine's Day simple subtraction worksheet!

  • Thanksgiving Math: Simple Subtraction #3

    This colorful addition worksheet for young learners is perfect for Thanksgiving Day. Do some simple math in this worksheet with your child on Thanksgiving.

  • Christmas Picture Subtraction #1

    Help build your child's math skills with this festive Christmas math worksheet. Little math beginners can practice subtraction by crossing out the pictures.

  • Math Stories

    Use the fairy tale of the princess and the frog to teach basic subtraction to your preschooler!

  • Beginner Subtraction for Valentine's Day

    Bunnies and bonbons make subtraction learning a little more fun whether you're introducing the concept of taking away or looking for more practice for your kid!

  • Ant Subtraction

    March up the anthill for some subtraction practice! Can you tell how many ants are left over in this picture?

  • Subtract One Assessment

    Help kids grasp the concept of subtraction by taking one away in this worksheet.

  • Cinderella Math

    Slip a bit of subtraction practice into this classic fairy tale with Cinderella math!

  • Monkey Math

    Let your preschooler dive into this adorable math worksheet that may just remind her of her favorite storybook.