Preschool Science Plants Animals The Earth Worksheets


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  • Animals and their Homes

    This worksheet about animals and their homes will introduce your child to life science. This worksheet teaches early recognition of animals and their homes.

  • Cut and Categorize #4

    Which of these cute images are insects, and which are animals? Can your preschooler put them into categories?

  • Living and Non-Living Things

    Get your learning lasso ready for this plants and animals round-up! Can your child tell the difference between a living and non-living thing?

  • Classification of Living Things

    Can your budding learner tell which of these items are living things? As she colors each picture, she'll decide if it grows and takes in air, water, or energy.

  • Resource: Water

    Water isn't just for drinking! What else do we use water for? Kids practice their reasoning skills as they fill out this social studies worksheet.

  • Play Animal Games: Zoo Friends and Who Am I?

    Help your preschooler learn animal names and sounds with two fun games: Welcome to My Zoo, a pretend play game, and Who Am I?, a guessing game.

  • Plant a Vegetable Garden

    Little farmers will enjoy planting a paper garden with this life science activity! She will get to color, cut out and sort the different veggies.

  • Things that Use Electricity

    Use this worksheet to help teach your preschooler what everyday things use electricity to function.

  • Count the Tree Rings

    This printable will help your child with her observation skills by challenging her to count the tree rings to determine their ages.

  • Test Your Tree Knowledge

    Test your preschooler's knowledge of plant life--more specifically, trees--with this colorful, cut-and-paste tree chart.

  • Animal Coverings

    Every animal wears a unique type of covering. Learn the difference between fur, feathers and scales with this adorable animal worksheet!

  • Living Things

    What makes a living thing? Give your blossoming learner a fun way to identify living things with this coloring series.

  • Things Made of Wood

    Wood comes from trees, but then where does it go? This worksheet teaches kids more about the things made of wood- one of Earth's natural resources -- wood.

  • Coloring Page: Bugs in Nature!

    Kids who love creepy, crawly things will truly enjoy this prekindergarten and kindergarten science-themed coloring page.

  • Resource: Plants

    Help your preschooler become more aware of his environment with this plant resource worksheet.

  • Complete a Flower Fill-In!

    How much does your preschooler know about the parts of a flower? This colorful worksheet tests her flower knowledge!

  • Find Your Way Through the Healthy Maze

    Teach your preschooler to choose healthy foods instead of sweets. Help him move his way through the maze by picking out the healthy foods.

  • Plant Survival

    This worksheet will help teach your kindergartner the basics of botany, by asking her to look at the pictures and then decide what a plant needs to grow tall.

  • Animals That Hatch From Eggs

    This beginners worksheet will help your child get all her ducks in a row when it comes to understanding animals that hatch from eggs.

  • Animal Cut and Paste

    Little zookeepers can have some fun placing these animals in the right spot--do they fly, swim or crawl?

  • Baby Animal Match-Up

    These babies have lost their mamas! Can you help them? Use sorting and categorizing skills to match the baby animal to its adult form.

  • What Doesn't Belong?: Animals and Insects

    Clock, octopus, starfish, turtle: Which thing does not belong in this group? Kids completing this preschool worksheet identify the object that does not belong.

  • Animal Flashcards

    Animal flashcards are a wonderful way to help young kids build basic skills in word recognition and comprehension.

  • What Do Living Things Need?

    Food, water, oxygenâdecide what living things need on this preschool science worksheet. Discuss with your child what she needs to survive and grow.