Preschool Social Studies Community Cultures Worksheets


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  • School Time Coloring Page

    Help your student learn what is and is not school appropriate with this coloring page.

  • Boys and Girls

    On this worksheet, your preschooler will draw pictures of all her friends and split them into gender categories.

  • Community Helper Identification: Who Am I?

    Review the jobs of community helpers with this worksheet that gives your student a description of a job and asks them to identify the community helper.

  • The Military

    For students learning about community helpers, use this worksheet to teach them about the military.

  • My Librarian

    Give your child a love of reading with this worksheet that allows them to draw their favorite book and a picture of themselves at the library!

  • Going to the Dentist

    Help your child review what going to the dentist is like in this community helpers worksheet.

  • Street Sign Savvy

    Searching for a worksheet to help your kid with street signs? This printable will help him identify common street signs.

  • Veterinarian

    Your kid can help this veterinarian round up this rowdy bunch of patients in this fun worksheet!

  • Community Helpers: Nurse

    Help your child learn a little more about what a nurse does, then "spot" the difference in the uniforms of this friendly group of nurses.

  • Farmers Grow Food

    Your students will learn about what farmers do and practice pattern identification!

  • What's For Dinner?

    Have your child learn the duties of a chef with this delicious coloring page.

  • The Grocery Store

    Have your child learn about grocers and the difference between fruits, vegetables, and meat by completing this worksheet.

  • Crossing Guard

    Track down all the crossing guard's signs, then color the scene in when you're done.

  • Eye Doctor

    Help your child learn more about what an eye doctor does and how they help you see in this community helpers worksheet.

  • Improving Memory: Birthday

    Help your child flex her memory with this fun drawing worksheet! She'll think back to her last birthday and try to remember what she did.

  • Where to Pay?

    Help your child learn about shopping and cashiers with this coloring page.

  • Help the Garbage Truck Driver!

    Put your child's navigational skills to the test with this maze to help Samantha the Garbage Truck Driver get to the dump!

  • Job-Object Matching Game

    Test your student's understanding of what professionals need in their jobs with this worksheet!

  • My Home

    Encourage your preschooler to build a great sense of ME with this fun worksheet, all about her home.

  • Who Cuts Your Hair?

    Are your kids wary of getting their hair cut? This worksheet makes it into a fun activity of before and after pictures.

  • What do I Use?

    Help your child review the roles of different community helpers with this worksheet that asks them to figure out what workers need to do their jobs.

  • Ambulance Color by Number

    Does your child know what an ambulance is and what it does? This ambulance color-by-number should do the trick.

  • Lifeguard

    Help this harried lifeguard find examples of bad pool manners in this fun find-it worksheet.

  • Babysitter Playtime Coloring Page

    Have kids see the fun in spending the night with their babysitter with this find-and-color worksheet!