Preschool Social Studies National Symbols Worksheets


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  • Stars and Stripes

    Bring out your inner patriot with a fun tracing worksheet with stars and stripes! Your little writer will build fine motor skills and letter recognition.

  • U.S. Flag Coloring Page

    This simple color-by-number page teaches kids to recognize the United States flag.

  • Canadian Flag Coloring Page

    Give your preschooler a social studies lesson with this fun Canadian flag coloring page.

  • Chinese Flag Coloring Page

    Would your child recognize China's flag if she saw it? She sure will after she completes this fun coloring page!

  • India National Animal

    Bring social studies learning into coloring time with this national animal coloring sheet featuring the tiger, the national animal of India.

  • USA National Animal

    Teach your child about the national animal of the USA with this coloring sheet, which features the regal Bald Eagle.

  • U.S. Symbols Coloring Page

    Here is a patriotic coloring page for you and your child to share! While you color, let him know that this symbol is the seal of our country.

  • Liberty Bell Coloring Page

    Enjoy a patriotic coloring page for you and your child to share! While you color, tell him a bit about the Liberty Bell, a famous U.S. symbol.

  • Canadian National Animal

    Teach your child a little about our neighbors up north with this social studies coloring sheet featuring the beaver, the national animal of Canada.

  • Color the Flag: Jamaica

    Travel the word with this coloring sheet featuring Jamaica's unique flag. The only problem is--this flag is missing it's colors! Can your child add them in?

  • Japanese Flag Coloring Page

    Japan's flag is easy to color, you only need one crayon to do it! Give your child this sheet for some simple coloring fun.