Preschool Social Studies Social Skills Worksheets


Below is list of all worksheets available under this concept. Worksheets are organized based on the concept with in the subject.

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  • Senses and Feelings

    Quiz your kindergartener on feelings and the five senses with this cute picture test.

  • Manners Worksheet

    This manners worksheet shows even the youngest child the basics of being polite and helpful. Try this manners worksheet to teach your child proper etiquette.

  • First, Next, Last 2

    In preschool, your little one should be learning what we call "common knowledge." In this worksheet, she'll label each picture as first, next or last.

  • All About Me, and You!

    What's the preschooler's favorite subject? Himself! Kids love questions about themselves, but this worksheet also has your kid finding out about someone else.

  • All About My Hair

    Don't do this worksheet on a bad hair day! It's all about you and your hair.

  • First, Next, Last 3

    Have your child look at these pictures and decide which steps in the sequence go first, next and last.

  • Emotions Flashcards

    Tap into your emotions with these adorable flashcards. Kids can practice recognizing and naming the different emotions that we feel.

  • First, Next, Last 5

    Help your preschooler with the basics with this fun worksheet. Can she label each step in the sequence as first, next or last?

  • Map Fun 1

    Give your preschooler an introduction to maps with basic scenarios like walking to school or mailing a letter.

  • Firefighting Equipment

    Help your child cut out the items that a fireman would need to do his job, and paste them over the items that don't belong.

  • House Rules

    Every family has house rules, even if they aren't posted anywhere. Let your child make up her own house rule and make a poster for it.

  • First, Next, Last 1

    Test your preschooler's knowledge of common activities going on in the world, labeling the steps that come first, next and last.

  • Follow the Exit Route

    Schools and other buildings have exit routes for emergencies. Your preschooler will read the instructions and draw the exit route on the diagrams.

  • Map Fun 2

    Has your kid ever tried working with a map? Use this worksheet to give your kid a fun start with maps.

  • Haunted House Map

    Follow directions to find a key and escape a spooky haunted house.

  • Paper Doll Boy: Party Fashion

    How would you dress for a party? Help your little learner to identify different articles of clothing with a fun paper doll activity.

  • Paper Doll Girl: Party Fashion

    Dress to impress with a paper doll activity! Your child can practice identifying different articles of clothing as she dresses this doll for a party.

  • Map Fun 5

    Here's a worksheet for a rainy day. Can't go to the park? Settle for a park map. Follow the directions and help your preschooler develop some early math skills.

  • First, Next, Last 4

    Does your kid know how to mail a letter? Make sure he can get it right with this fun worksheet where he labels which steps go first, next and last.

  • Map Fun 4

    If you were a house cat, this would be a map of the world, but it's really just a map of a house. Read the instructions to your child and watch him map a route.

  • Map Fun 3

    Does your preschooler love maps? No, not apps...maps! They're kind of important, so start your little one off with some fun worksheets to introduce her to them.