Second Grade Ela High Frequency Words Worksheets


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  • Animal Word Search: Mammals

    Teach your little scientist about warm-blooded animals with this fun printable word search.

  • Wonder in the Winter: Word Search

    Winter break is the perfect time to help your child brush up on sight words. Use this holiday-themed worksheet to practice words for 2nd graders.

  • Sight Word Search: How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Learning sight words is a breeze with these fun word searches that turn spelling practice into a game.

  • Renewable Resources and Nonrenewable Resources

    Here are listed a handful of natural resources, for kids to classify as renewable resources and nonrenewable resources.

  • School Supplies Word Search

    Is your second grader fully equipped for school? Have her hunt down pens, pencils and other school supplies in a colorful back to school themed word search!

  • Let's Go Camping: Word Search

    Want to get your child geared up for the next family camping trip? Let him search through these hidden camping-themed words.

  • Autumn Words

    Does your second grader know what month follows October? Your child will have fun filling out this colorful crossword puzzle with autumn words, and…

  • State Word Search

    Find and circle ten different states in this fun word search.

  • Food Word Search

    Get hungry while searching for some delicious vocabulary words with a food word search! It's a great way to strengthen logic and spelling skills.

  • Word Search: Go to your Room!

    Sneak a little spelling and vocab practice into playtime with this word search.

  • Vocab Word Search: Down on the Farm

    Learning vocab words is fun and easy when it's a game! This word search is a sneaky way to get in some spelling and vocabulary practice.

  • Classroom Word Search

    Help your child learn his way around the classroom with this word search that focuses on school vocabulary.

  • Holiday Word Search

    Your kid won't have to be coaxed into reading with this fun activity. Help him hunt down and circle words associated with Christmas.

  • 'Bee' Garden

    Fill in the blank of each sentence with a different word that starts with "be."

  • Word Search: Time to Eat!

    Learning to spell is a breeze with this word search, which turns boring ol' spelling practice into a game.

  • Basketball Word Search

    If your child would rather be on the court than in the classroom, get him pumped about vocabulary with this basketball-themed word search.

  • Lake Trip: -ake Word Family

    Give this reading worksheet to your 2nd grader to help him practice his vocabulary with the "ake" word family.

  • Word Search for Kids: Beach Fun

    Find the hidden words that relate to the beach in the word search.

  • Find the Hidden Back to School Words

    Get your child excited about the new school year with a back to school-themed word search.

  • Word Search: Transportation

    Have your child complete the word search by finding the different types of transportation.

  • Word Search: All Dressed Up

    Anything can be made fun, even spelling practice. Present your child with this fashion-focused word search worksheet to help hone her spelling skills.

  • State Search II

    Search for and circle ten state names. How any more states can you name?

  • State Search IV

    Search for and circle ten state names. Name as many other states as you can, then write down the number of states you named.

  • Christmas Word Search

    Help tide your child over until Christmas with this yuletide word search.