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  • Double Consonant Rule for Verbs

    This worksheet helps practice spelling patterns for the past tense of verbs like hop and stop. Check out the double consonant rule here.

  • FLOSS Words

    Review the FLOSS rule with your students. Students can practice reading and identifying words that have double letters.

  • Lake Trip: -ake Word Family

    Give this reading worksheet to your 2nd grader to help him practice his vocabulary with the "ake" word family.

  • Identify the Guide Words

    Use this resource to give your students practice using guide words to determine a word’s location in the dictionary.

  • Rainy Day Inflectional Endings

    It's raining, it's pouring, inflectional endings don't have to be boring! Students will add –ing, –s, and –ed inflectional endings to words with and without silent E’s in this rainy day-themed worksheet..

  • Second Grade Bingo

    Your second graders will love practicing their spelling words like rake, gain, and lane with this bingo game.

  • Dictionary Detective

    Use this resource to give your students practice using a dictionary’s guide words to correctly locate a word.

  • Phonics Fun: Double O Words

    Boost your second grader's phonics knowledge with a lesson on double o words like "look".

  • Word Family Silly Sentences

    Here's a spelling activity that requires some creativity. Your students will practice spelling words as they write silly sentences!

  • Circle the R-Controlled Syllable

    Your second graders can use this worksheet to identify those pesky r-controlled syllables in words like dollar, blizzard, and target.

  • Order It Bookstore

    The alphabet is more than a song - it's a tool for sorting! Your kids will love using their knowledge of alphabetical order to organize the books in the bookstore.

  • Mid-Year Spelling Check-in

    It's time to check in on those spelling skills! Gauge your second graders' growth in common spelling patterns by comparing this spelling assessment to their back to school test with the same words.

  • Count the Syllables

    A syllable is a unit of pronunciation that makes up a word. With this worksheet, your students will count the syllables in each word, then color in the number that matches the amount of syllables.

  • Rainbow Words

    Your second graders will love practicing words like chalk, phone, and very as they write using many colors on this worksheet!

  • Sorting Those Words

    Encourage your students to practice spelling words with this fun cut-and-paste activity. Students will sort words that end in -ake, -ain, and -ame.

  • Read, Write, Spell FLOSS Words

    The Floss spelling rule helps students understand when to double the letters f, l, and s in words. With this printable spelling worksheet, students will practice reading and identifying words that have double letters.

  • Present Participle Party

    Use this surprise party-themed worksheet to have fun with present participle practice! Students will start by filling in the blanks with verbs rewritten in present participle form, and they'll end up with a cute story about a surprise party.

  • Tricky Word Menu

    Some words require extra practice before students master the spelling! This activity asks your students to practice spelling tricky words four different ways.

  • Lost Letters

    Looking for a worksheet to help improve your child's reading skills? This printable with strengthen his abilities though phonics.

  • Sort those Words

    Help your students conquer the spelling of words that end with -ain, -ane, -ake, and -ame.

  • Spelling Long O

    Give your second graders some practice with long vowel word families and spelling patterns with this colorful activity! Students will identify long O words based on picture clues, then determine the spelling pattern of each word.