Second Grade Math Data Worksheets


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  • Graph Practice

    Don't let your second grader forget graphs: review how to read a bar graph and pictograph with help from this handy quiz.

  • Winter Sports: Practice Reading a Bar Graph

    Celebrate the winter Olympics with this 2nd grade math worksheet in which children practice reading, analyzing, and computing data in a bar graph.

  • Picnic Bar Graph

    Which picnic games do you prefer? This bar graph shows some of the most popular picnic activities. Students will learn about analyzing data from a bar graph.

  • Pick a Flower Pictograph

    Find out exactly how many flowers Stefanie has planted with this pictograph for kids. Your child will learn how to analyze and interpret data.

  • Reading Graph

    Maintaining a reading log is a fun way to encourage your child to set goals and track their progress. Students will keep track of their month-by-month reading stamina and practice their bar graphing with this reading log worksheet.

  • Circle Graph

    Tickle your sweet tooth with this graphing worksheet! Your little baker will practice analyzing the data in a circle graph (or pie chart).

  • Lemonade Stand Pictograph

    See how Susie's lemonade stand is doing! Students will learn how to analyze and compare data by answering questions based on the two pictographs.

  • Creating a Bar Graph: Favorite Picnic Spots

    Discover the best picnic spots while learning the basics of creating a bar graph. Your child will learn about mode and data interpretation.

  • Pictograph Practice: Hamburger Cafe

    Pictographs are a great introduction to working with data and graphs. Kids help the hamburger cafe compare the number of hamburgers they sold using pictographs.

  • Graphing Survey Data

    If your second grader is stumped by bar graphs, clear up the confusion with this worksheet that helps kids learn how to read and interpret a bar graph.

  • Reading Log and Graph

    Keeping a reading log is a great way to encourage your child to set goals and track their progress. Your students will build reading fluency and stamina by logging and graphing their reading time.

  • Pictograph Graph: Mr. Postman

    Boost your child's data know-how with a lesson on reading and understanding a math pictograph, a kind of graph in which pictures stand in for number data.

  • Coordinate Grid: Basic Practice with Sports!

    For sports lovers, this coordinate grid worksheet is sure to be a hit. It's packed with baseballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and more!

  • Hiking Buddies Pictograph

    This pictograph shows how many hikes Eric and his friends went on this month. Use the information to answer questions and determine who hiked the most.

  • Pictograph Practice: Planting Trees

    Ready for some pictograph practice? Build your child's graph literacy with a lesson on reading a pictograph about trees.

  • Tally Marks: Keep the Count!

    Help your second grader practice using tally marks with this worksheet, and next family game night, she can keep score!

  • Build a Bar Graph: Favorite Animals

    What's your second grader's favorite animal? How about the rest of his class? He'll use these results to make his own bar graph!

  • Practice Graphs

    Kids practice representing a set of data using three kinds of graphs: a bar graph, pictograph, and pie graph.

  • Tree Pictograph

    Your child can practice basic math and symbol recognition with this pictograph worksheet.

  • Math Table

    Help your second grader learn how to read a math table by using this math farm table to answer a set of questions.

  • Ice Cream Bar Graph

    I scream for strawberry, you scream for chocolate. Either way, we all scream for ice cream! Practice asking questions with this bar graph.

  • Bike Pictograph Questions

    With these pictograph questions, your kid will hone his skills at reading and interpreting graphs.

  • Practice Reading Venn Diagrams #1: Favorite Hobby

    Kids practice reading a Venn diagram about favorite hobbies and answer questions about it in this 2nd grade math worksheet.

  • Finding the Mode

    Give your second grader practice finding mode by finding out with this make-believe survey about favorite desserts.