Second Grade Math Geometry Worksheets


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  • Color the Fraction

    Kids practice coloring shapes according to the fractions given to help them see how fractions are part of a whole.

  • Fraction Review Worksheet

    Review fractions with your second grader with this worksheet that covers identifying, coloring, and comparing fractions.

  • Shape Review: Line Segments, Symmetry, and More

    Review second grade geometry concepts from two- and three-dimensional shapes to symmetry with this helpful shape study guide.

  • Draw the Line of Symmetry

    In this second grade geometry worksheet, your child will practice finding the line or lines of symmetry on a variety of different shapes.

  • Shape Basics: Congruent Shapes

    Kids build their shape knowledge by identifying congruent shapes.

  • Fraction Fundamentals: Part of a Whole

    Help your second grader grasp the concept of fractions by looking at shaded shapes and circling the fraction that matches.

  • 2-D Shapes: Fill in the Table

    Is your child in need of a geometry review? This worksheet covers the basic 2-D shapes, from circles and triangles to pentagons and hexagons.

  • Circle Graph

    Tickle your sweet tooth with this graphing worksheet! Your little baker will practice analyzing the data in a circle graph (or pie chart).

  • Plane Figures

    Here's a fun way to practice shape identification! Use your knowledge of plane figures to color in this picture.

  • Rectangular Prism Cut-Out

    Use this rectangular prism cut-out to help your child learn more complex geometric shapes, or practice finding the surface area or volume of an object.

  • Fraction Practice: What Part?

    If your child has a hard time understanding the difference between parts of a whole and parts of a group, this worksheet is sure to clear things up.

  • 3-D Shapes: Fill in the Table

    Need a refresher course on 3-d shapes? Kids finish the table by labeling or drawing each shape, then write how many faces, sides, and vertices each one has.

  • How to Draw a Pyramid

    Put your knowledge about 3-D shapes into practice with this fun drawing lesson to teach you how to draw a pyramid.

  • Shape Basics: Lines, Endpoints, and Angles

    Kids get to know shapes better by counting their line segments, endpoints, and angles, and record the info in this handy chart.

  • Fraction Practice: Color It!

    To complete this second grade math worksheet, kids color parts of shapes to show the fractions 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4.

  • Fraction Math: Pizza Time!

    In this second grade math worksheet, your child will practice fractions by filling pizza orders given in fraction form.

  • Cube Cut-Out

    Learn more about shapes by creating a 3-D paper model. This cube cut-out can help your child explore the faces and architecture of a simple shape.

  • Edges and Vertices

    Deconstruct shapes with this fill-in chart of 2D shapes. Kids will practice identifying edges and vertices of simple shapes.

  • Drawing Mirror Images: Busy Bee

    Introduce your child to reflection in geometry with this second grade math worksheet. Your child will draw the mirror image of each item to complete the shape.

  • Triangular Prism

    Learn more about geometry by creating a paper triangular prism! This triangular prism makes for fun math learning and a great decoration.

  • Square Pyramid

    Help your child learn about shapes by building a 3-D square pyramid. Color, cut, fold and glue the flaps together to create a square pyramid.

  • Shapes Within Shapes

    Take a closer look at 3-D shapes with this fun worksheet that challenges kids to find 2-D shapes within 3-D shapes.

  • Geometric Shapes

    Learn to identify the faces, vertices and edges of 3D shapes with this fill-in chart.

  • How to Draw a Cone

    Let's practice 3-D shapes with a fun drawing lesson! Kids will follow step-by-step instructions to draw an ice cream cone.