Second Grade Science Physical Science Worksheets


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  • Learn About Force: Friction

    In this worksheet, kids learn about friction by answering questions about the amount of friction in different situations.

  • Simple Machines: Lever

    Pull the lever on learning! Get to know one of the six simple machines with this worksheet about the lever.

  • Learn About Force

    When we push or pull an object, we exert force on it. Get your child thinking about force by challenging him to describe how each person is exerting force.

  • Simple Machines

    Who knew that the machines of the world are all made of just 6 simple machines working together? Introduce your child to simple machines with this worksheet.

  • Wheel and Axle

    Crank out a better understanding of simple machines with this worksheet all about the wheel and axle!

  • Simple Machines: Pulley

    Did you know that an elevator is actually one of the six simple machines? Help your child understand how the pulley works.

  • Simple Machines Word Search

    Budding inventors can get a fun review of the simple machines with this word search.

  • Find the Simple Machines

    I spy with my little eye... six simple machines! Here's a fun way to help your child review the simple machines.

  • Simple Machines: Wedge

    Wedge your way into physics fun! You and your child can learn a bit about one of the six simple machines with this worksheet all about the wedge.

  • Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt

    How many machines can you find around the house? You may find them where you least expect it!

  • Simple Machines: Screw

    Did you know that the screw is actually one of the six simple machines? This handy machine helps to make work easier!

  • Blank Thermometer

    Teach your child how we measure temperature with these printable thermometers!

  • Inclined Plane

    Introduce your child to the inclined plane, one of the six simple machines that helps to make work easier for us!

  • Compound Machines

    Young inventors will have a blast with this worksheet on compound machines! Use three of the six machines together to make work easier.

  • Getting There: Practice Giving Directions

    Kids flex their direction know-how on this worksheet that challenges them to give step-by-step directions to help Joyce find her way to the fair.

  • Rube Goldberg Machines

    Meet the master of compound machines: Rube Goldberg! His wacky contraptions put a whole new spin on the use of simple machines.

  • What is Density?

    Little scientists can learn about a fundamental concept of physical science with this worksheet all about density!

  • Taste Map

    This experiment requires only lemon juice, salt, sugar and grapefruit. Your budding scientist can get a great introduction to science by testing her own tongue!

  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    Here is a brief introduction to The Great Pacific Garbage Patch for kids!

  • Science Vocabulary Word Search

    This science vocabulary activity is packed with basic science vocabulary words to help the youngest kids warm up to scientific concepts.

  • Up, Up, and Away Again!

    Searching for a way to help you kid practice their geography knowledge? This printable is a great way to learn the countries in North America.

  • Earth Rotation

    Challenge your child's knowledge of astronomy with this space-themed worksheet, which focuses on the timing of cosmic events.

  • All About Buoyancy

    Help your little learner understand the concept of buoyancy with this fun worksheet. He'll decide which items will keep this frog afloat!

  • Float and Sink Word Search

    Engage your little scientist with a fun word search, all about sinking and floating! He'll be learning a basic concept of physical science.