Second Grade Social Studies Civics Government Worksheets


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  • 3 Types of Resources

    Help your child understand a basic concept of economics with a worksheet on resources! He'll review three types of resources: human, natural and capital.

  • Learn the First Amendment

    This second grade social studies worksheet will give your child a head start on the Bill of Rights starting with the First Amendment and easy reading practice.

  • The Three Branches of Government

    Learn about the USA's three branches of government and where each one works.

  • Local Government for Kids

    How much does your child know about her local government and city hall? Help her investigate her community with this printable.

  • Examples of Goods and Services

    Your child will learn the difference between goods and services in this fun intro to economics worksheet.

  • Federal Government

    Election season is here, and what better way to introduce your future voter to politics than by learning about the federal government?

  • Write a Paragraph: If I Were President

    What if your child were President? Get his political mind pumping with a writing activity about what he would do as President of the United States.

  • Electoral College Map

    On election night, be ready to track the results with this electoral college map. Color in the states as you prepare to find out who the president will be!

  • Presidential Name Scramble

    This great brain teaser challenges your child to unscramble president names and a riddle. It's a fun Presidents Day worksheet featuring Mount Rushmore!

  • If I Were President...

    What would you do if you were president? Think deep and pour it out on this worksheet.

  • What Are Resources?

    Resources are an important concept in economics. Introduce your child to three different types of resources with a fun worksheet!

  • U.S. Government Buildings

    Challenge your child with a little lesson in U.S. government, with this government building match-up.

  • Color by Number: The Presidential Seal

    This color-by-number printable lets your child play with color and learn the emblem of the President of the United States!

  • Electoral Vote

    See how electoral votes work in the United States presidential election.

  • The United States Flag

    Learn the basic facts about the U.S. flag and see the different places where it's waved.

  • What Are Goods and Services?

    Here is a great opportunity to talk with your child about goods and services. She'll read the definitions and come up with a few examples of each.

  • White House Coloring Page

    Introduce your child to the President's house! This coloring page features the building that's housed America's presidents for over 200 years.

  • Presidential Seal

    Your second grader can create his own presidential seal by coloring in this fun printable page.

  • Presidential Quiz

    Take a quiz on basic facts about U.S. history and government.

  • Campaign Buttons

    Get your politically savy second grader ready for the election with campaign buttons! She'll design and wear her own creation and proudly show her civic spirit.

  • Presidential Word Search

    Find presidential and historical words in this election-themed word search.

  • Make Your Own Election Book

    Let your future leader get a taste of American politics with her very own election book!

  • Make a Campaign Poster

    Election season is here, so pull out the crayons and let your future voter dive into the world of politics.

  • Electoral Map 2016

    Your child can follow Election Night with this electoral vote tracker. Make November 6 a night full of education and excitement!