Second Grade Social Studies National Symbols Worksheets


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  • National Symbols: The Statue of Liberty

    Read the text to this page aloud to your child as she colors, and talk about your family's heritage. Did her ancestors sail past The Statue of Liberty?

  • Peace Garden State

    This mystery state coloring page features North Dakota, also known as the Peace Garden State. Can your child guess which state she's coloring?

  • National Symbols: The Declaration of Independence

    Help your child learn more about her American heritage with these coloring pages that are chock-full of history featuring the Declaration of Independence.

  • Skip Counting Dot to Dot: Presidents

    Who's the mystery president? Your second grader can find out by skip counting by threes to complete the dot-to-dot.

  • Color George Washington

    Celebrate presidential history with this George Washington coloring page, which features both the first American President's image and his name.

  • Color by Number: The Presidential Seal

    This color-by-number printable lets your child play with color and learn the emblem of the President of the United States!

  • Golden State

    Kids learn about the state of California on this mystery state coloring page.

  • Washington, D.C. Symbols

    Learn the history of several symbols of our nation's capital and color in the illustrations.

  • Great Seal of the United States

    Chances are, your 2nd grader has seen the Great Seal of the United States all over the place. Help her learn more about it with this worksheet!

  • Who is Uncle Sam?

    Read the text along with your child as she colors so she can learn more about Uncle Sam, an American icon.

  • White House Coloring Page

    Introduce your child to the President's house! This coloring page features the building that's housed America's presidents for over 200 years.

  • Volunteer State

    Animal-lovers will have a great time coloring in this mystery state coloring page, and they'll get in some social studies learning at the same time.

  • Tar Heel State

    Kids get in some social studies learning as they color in this fun worksheet featuring the state of North Carolina.

  • Lone Star State

    Kids get a brief introduction to the state of Texas on this fun coloring page. From armadillos to prickly pears, there's lots to see in Texas!

  • Constitution State

    A coloring sheet about Connecticut for 1st and 2nd graders, featuring state symbols and facts.

  • Palmetto State

    This mystery state is known as the Palmetto State and proudly features a palmetto tree on its state flag. Can you guess the state?

  • Evergreen State

    As your child is having fun coloring, he'll be learning new facts about this Washington state.

  • The Last Frontier State

    A worksheet about Alaska for 1st and 2nd graders, featuring state history, symbols, and facts.

  • Keystone State

    This state coloring page is full of fun things to color, from a ladybug to an Eastern hemlock, and each picture represents one of Pennsylvania's state symbols.

  • Peach State

    This state is known as the Peach State because of the delicious peaches grown here. Can you guess the state?

  • Capital of the United States

    A worksheet on Washington, D.C. for 1st and 2nd graders, featuring history, facts, and symbols of the district.

  • Land of Enchantment

    Some people call me the Land of Enchantment. What state am I? Help your child get to know her country with a mystery state coloring page.

  • Bay State

    A coloring sheet of Massachusetts for 1st and 2nd graders, featuring state symbols, facts, and history.

  • Old Line State

    A coloring sheet of Maryland for 1st and 2nd graders, featuring state facts and symbols.