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  • How to Draw a Pyramid

    Put your knowledge about 3-D shapes into practice with this fun drawing lesson to teach you how to draw a pyramid.

  • How to Draw a Cone

    Let's practice 3-D shapes with a fun drawing lesson! Kids will follow step-by-step instructions to draw an ice cream cone.

  • Food from Trees

    What delicious treats do we receive from trees? Your child can draw their favorite tree-provided snacks in this cute drawing worksheet.

  • How to Draw a Cylinder

    Here's a drawing lesson that also doubles as a geometry review! Learn how to draw a cylinder as you create a drawing of a mug.

  • How to Make Bubble Letters

    Introduce your kid to a whole world of alphabet fun with bubble letters!

  • How to Draw a Sphere

    This drawing lesson has a geometric twist! Learn how to draw a sphere by starting off drawing an apple.

  • Draw a Diwali Diya

    Learn to draw a simple Diwali diya lamp with this worksheet, and celebrate the event with friends!

  • How to Draw a School Bus

    Learn how to draw a school bus with this fun tutorial that extends learning of 3-D shapes into a fun hands-on project.

  • Drawing in 3-D

    Sometimes the best way to learn 3-D shapes is a hands-on approach. Practice drawing cubes with this fun tutorial about drawing in 3-D.