Third Grade Ela Spelling Worksheets


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  • Alphabetize the United States

    Challenge your third grader to put all 50 states in alphabetical order, and brush up on U.S. geography while he's at it!

  • Space Word Scramble

    This outer space word scramble helps your child learn the names of the nine planets. It's a great astronomy start and boosts spelling!

  • Crystal Clear Contractions

    Contractions will become crystal clear for your students when they practice contraction formation with this worksheet.

  • Mineral Match-Up

    Learn some new words and facts about precious minerals with this word-scramble and matching worksheet.

  • 3rd Grade Spelling Test: Tricky Words!

    Learn to identify words that don't follow the rules with this practice spelling test for 3rd graders.

  • Separating Syllables #1

    How many syllables can you count? Introduce your third grader to basic linguistics with this fun syllables worksheet.

  • 3rd Grade Spelling Test: Compound Words

    Practice spelling some common compound words with this spelling test and activity.

  • Using the Dictionary Guide Words

    Use this exercise with your students to review alphabetizing and practice using guide words to determine a word’s correct location in the dictionary.

  • Spell It! For Third Grade, #1

    This spelling worksheet challenges kids to rewrite common spelling words, then spell them correctly in a short story on the second half of the page.

  • Spell It! For Third Grade, #2

    This worksheet focuses on common words, such as "Wednesday" and "doesn't", and will help kids improve their writing fluency.

  • Spelling and Alphabetizing

    Let your third grader test her spelling skills by filling in the blanks to complete the words given. Then have her place them in alphabetical order.

  • Words with -ight

    Set your sights on this spelling worksheet about words with '-ight' as the suffix, and you just might start to get it right.

  • Spell It! For Third Grade, #3

    Spelling can be tricky business, but this worksheet helps kids tackle words like "aren't" and "straight", then use them in a paragraph.

  • Separating Syllables #2

    Your child will learn to divide words into syllables by using the VC/V method. Encourage your kid to practice with syllables by using this syllables worksheet.

  • Identify the Guide Words

    Use this resource to give your students practice using guide words to determine a word’s location in the dictionary.

  • Syllable Practice Worksheet

    This syllable worksheet guides children through syllable counting practice. This syllable worksheet presents learning in a fun way, with coloring and pictures.

  • Dictionary Detective

    Use this resource to give your students practice using a dictionary’s guide words to correctly locate a word.

  • Animal Scramble!

    The animal names on this third grade science and spelling worksheet are all mixed up! Kids unscramble reptile and bird names to complete the worksheet.

  • An End to the Affair

    Looking for a worksheet that practices working with ed verbs? This printable is great for those who need help with their verb tenses.

  • Homophones: -ate, -eight, and -aight

    In this spelling test, learn the difference between '-ate', '-eight' and '-aight' by practicing some common words that use these letter combinations.

  • Word Ladder

    Word games are not only fun but a great way to put those spelling skills to the test! Have your little writer complete this word ladder.

  • Syllable Partners: Ar, Er, and Or

    Give your students practice identifying R-controlled vowels and breaking words apart into syllables!

  • 3rd Grade Spelling Test: The Great Outdoors

    Help your nature lover boost his spelling skills with this nature-themed practice test.

  • Separating Syllables #3

    Kids will get a crash course on syllables with this worksheet. Your child will divide words into sections by finding the consonants.