Third Grade Foreign Language Spanish Worksheets


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  • Family in Spanish

    Want some new names for mom and dad? Learn all the Spanish words for your family members in this bilingual worksheet.

  • Saying Hello in Spanish

    Come along for the adventures of Sam and Paula as they explore the Spanish language and the country of Chile!

  • Asking for Directions in Spanish

    Have you ever been lost? Use these worksheets to learn how to ask directions in Spanish!

  • Spanish Names for Animals

    From abeja to tortuga, learn the animal names in Spanish with an adorable animal worksheet!

  • Spanish Animal Match-up

    Fill in the boxes with the correct animal word in Spanish.

  • Saying Goodbye in Spanish

    It's so hard to say goodbye, but it's more fun if you can say it in multiple languages!

  • Excuse Me in Spanish

    What would you say if you accidentally bumped into someone in a Spanish-speaking country? Find out here!

  • Birds in Spanish

    Don't let that Spanish vocabulary fly away! Give your kid some practice with Spanish words for different type of birds with this matching worksheet.

  • List of Animals in Spanish

    Exercise your bilingual tongue with some Spanish animales! Help your beginning Spanish speaker learn to pronounce and spell these animals.

  • Spanish Words: Animals

    Learn Spanish with the help of some furry friends! From camello to luciernaga, your little linguist will practice her pronunciations while building vocabulary.

  • Spanish Vocabulary Grab Bag

    What do a beach ball and rain and an eagle have in common? Nothing, except that they're on this Spanish vocabulary worksheet.

  • Spanish 'Round-up'

    Keep your Spanish language vocabulary sharp by labeling round objects.