Third Grade Math Time Worksheets


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  • A Matter of Time

    Kids completing this third grade math worksheet tell time to the nearest quarter hour and determine the duration of intervals of time.

  • Practice Telling Time

    This review sheet is a great way to practice telling time in different ways, from reading a calendar to calculating elapsed time.

  • Time Flies!

    Time flies in this time telling worksheet, which tasks kids with calculate the amount of time that has passed. Your child can use the pictured clock to solve.

  • How Much Time Has Gone By?

    Now that your third grader is an expert at telling time, bring on a bigger challenge: calculating elapsed time.

  • Minutes in an Hour

    How many minutes in an hour? Count them up yourself in this intro-to-elapsed-time worksheet.

  • Planes and Trains: Practicing Schedules #2

    Reading a train schedule can be rather confusing; give your third grader practice with this real-world skill.

  • Planes and Trains: Practicing Schedules #1

    These passengers may miss their flights! It's your third grader's job to answer these word problems to help people get places on time.

  • Time Words

    Learn time words and phrases and what they mean with this vocabulary sheet that helps students successfully tell time.

  • Solving Time Problems Between Hours with Number Lines

    Help your students easily calculate time so they can avoid being tardy! This printable worksheet helps students solve time word problems by using a number line!

  • Solving Time Problems with a Number Line

    It's time to calculate.. time! In this exercise your class will use a number line to add and subtract time.

  • Factors of 60

    Use your multiplication skills to find factors of 60 and better understand time.